I have spent way too much time listening to hours and hours of recordings so I starting putting together a montage of snippets that will help you understand what all the players have been up to.  Also sent some to the DOJ.  Here is the beginning of a montage I am putting together that will help the world get what they have been doing.

The thumbnail is Danny Scalf tried his hand at acting to a small degree.  He and/or some friends had unfortunate dealings with agents which sent him on a crusade.  Hell I get that as I have been on a few of my own.  Part of his method was to team up with Ed Magedson and Les Henderson to go after people like Lou Pearlman and other agents.  I don’t take issue with that, I do however take issue with the criminal methods he used to accomplish his mission.  As you will hear in the audio recording, this was a for profit endeavor not altruistic.

Scalf has gone by several names to commit his brand or terrorism, including Frank Torelli and a few others.  You will hear them in his ill advised recordings he made.  Odd behavior for a former ARMY intelligence officer.

In court records you will find he is employed by Ripoff Report and had a large hand in writing Ripoff Revenge.

In some documents you will find terroristic threats sent to litigants opposed to Ripoff Report, including myself which I take take umbrage to.  Threatening me or trying to thug me is a bad idea.  The threats amount to extortion in my opinion.  As you will see, in one email he demands money to be paid to Ripoff Report or harm will come to the families of the plaintiff.

The Maricopa County Superior Court is chock full of interesting items.  This is a very troubled man.

Recent events reflect judgments against Daniel Scalf and Leanne Armstrong.  Capital One (CC2015-037219) and another debt buyer.  What is almost funny is that spy guy filed his own suits and they were dismissed for lack of service because secret squirrel wasn’t able to serve them.  WTF?  Investigative journalist, spy, investigator can’t find someone?




The link below will take you to a drop box file that holds dozens of hours of recorded conversations between ED and Danny Scalf.  This will pretty much tell you how this game is played.

Danny Scalf is trying hard to optimize this blog out of view.  I don’t do much to keep it where it is but may do so now.  It would have been easier just to say ” Hey man I’m sorry.  Let bygones by bygones”.









http://www.ripoffreport.com/mortgage-companies/american-benefit-mor/american-benefit-california-mo-57x5a.htm Collecting a debt

http://www.ripoffreport.com/adult-web-sites/alyon-technologies/alyon-technologies-ftc-updated-896ep.htm This one I really like.  Danny and I know why.

  1. All kinds of interesting information out of Stafford, VA and I am getting my hands on it.

  2. OK now I need to completely tell the story with this guy…spyman. Danny Scalf worked ARMY intellegence for 20 years. Got out in 1995 as an 03. HUMMMMM.

    According to documents in Maricopa County Superior Court, Danny was employed by RipOff Report, specifically Ed Magedson, as a fact checker?!??!?! Say whhhhaatttttt?

    No Danny has never been disclosed as an employee or witness.

    Danny, under the pseudnym Frank Torelli posted items on RIpoff Report. Sometimes he was a reporter sometimes something else but in any case he was creating content. You will also see he was creating content under other names.

    Danny had a nasty divorce with his wife who got hold of his laptop and some recordings. She gave the recordings to a plaintiff in an action. I have the recordings and some are funny some are very concerning. Ed Magedson and his attorney is on the recordings. When I interviewed James Rogers he mentioned Ed being pretty disconcerted about the laptop. James also said some other things about Danny that I will talk about later.

    In the public record you will see that Danny Scalf is to receive 40% of the revenue for the book, RIp Off Revenge. Maria Crimi Speth was kind enough to endorse the book.

    In the recordings there are many very important clues. One is Danny claiming to be a Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a CIA case agent. I received a threatening email some years ago from Danny also saying he was a Retired Federal Law Enforsement Officer but again, he was using a different name. At the time he was an employee of Ripoff Report and I was a witness in Federal Court. Listen I have friends that are retired federal law enforcement officers and that is never how they discribe themsleves. That’s a very unique tell. I know spys too. If they are part of the agency they will not appear in databases such as Lexis Nexus. Law enforcement also has an opt out clause. There is no record from any state police certification whereby Danny Scalf was a law enforement officer. Nor was he a CIA Agent.

    In one of my interviews it was disclosed that he claimed he was able to dispatch his ememies with a Ricin filled pellet. That would be a reference to the Georgi Markov story here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgi_Markov

    I actually rembember this story.

    Got to go but I will be sure toget more out there in the spirit of full disclosure.

  3. Lets see where was I…oh yeah…I was exposing Ripoff Reports agent provocateur Danny Scalf a.k.a. Frank Torelli. You may have noticed above this posting there are links to PDFs and recordings attributed to Danny Scalf and Frank Torelli. In some of the recordings you will hear Danny and Ed Magedson talking about telling the American public that Ripoff Report is a nonprofit organization. It appears the intent behind this is to obtain grant funding though it seems unlikely that anyone with money to dole out would do so without a due diligence check on the organization. While Danny does go on to say that his efforts are not for self-aggrandizement it seems likely that’s the very purpose.

    You are also going to hear Ed Magedson and Danny Scalf disagreeing over the value of Danny’s trips. What trips you might wonder? It seems likely that Danny was doing some investigating albeit without a license and did some traveling to get first-hand information. Since you can see that Danny has been posting as a reporter for ripoff report it is likely the information that he was gathering illegally was for these purposes. Illegally you wonder? Well see there may be plausible explanations behind being a journalist even though one doesn’t have credentials for being one. In an interview that Ted Koppel did, when asked if bloggers were journalist his answer was yes bloggers are indeed journalists. In Danny’s case though as you can hear in the recording above he’s trying to sell investigations to lawyers.

    So if analyzed the recordings will tell you that what Ripoff Report was doing was trying to sell class action litigants to lawyers. We will also see reference to this in the George S May litigation where the judge pointed out that attorneys in Illinois had been solicited by Ripoff Report to provide them with class action litigants for the princely sum of $800,000 a year. Danny and Ed’s function would be to interview and get affidavits from potential plaintiffs and conduct investigations and turn those items over to the attorneys. When the ethics of paying for such items was discussed with Danny Scalf, he adroitly suggests that those items could be paid for through donation at the website. Nice. Writing posts about the potential defendants provided a platform for others to join in the litigation.

    As we know from the James Rogers interview that’s also recorded and in my blog, you will know that he was told by Ed Magedson to create logins in Ripoff Report and post reports and add to existing reports. You will also see Danny Scalf under other names, (http://www.ripoffreport.com/state-government/gretchen-irene-scalf/gretchen-irene-scalf-a-k-a-gr-f94nd.htm) doing the same thing. Ed Magedson has always claimed that he doesn’t have access to the backend of ripoff report. Who needs access to the backend when you have agents going through the front and posting the material you want them to post.

    Why does any of this matter? Well if your business is a brand that comes up on the Internet and you derive income as a result of the search terms then clearly you’re going to be affected by negative postings. If Ripoff Reports funding comes from what they call the CAP, then it seems that there is a clear financial motivation for the Scalf’s and Rogers of the world to post negative items.

    You will see a link above name Alyon email. If you take a look at the e-mail you will understand that this company had sued a defendant and Ripoff Report as well. In part of the e-mail chain you will see that a cyber terrorist is threatening harm to the plaintiff’s and their family if certain conditions aren’t met. One of those conditions is to pay Ripoff Report $10,000. You are going to see another Danny Scalf tell in the term Sayerat Matkal which is basically the Israeli military intelligence service. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayeret_Matkal
    Kind of like the equivalent of US Army intelligence. See the connection? If you study Danny Scalf’s bio and had some other inside info, the wording and syntax of the e-mail pretty clearly point to him. But hey, he’s a forensic investigator, maybe he could tell us better.

  4. I have been really busy, time has slipped by. Oh yeah…Danny Scalf is in jail and may for a long time. Next hearing date is 09/12 201 W Jefferson 7th Fl. I may be able to get Peoria PD to take some extra steps to protect the community. Coming soon.

    On a more positive note, Danny Scalf got married to Leanne Armstrong in Provo, Utah. See the LDS dating site works! A nice honeymoon in Niagra Falls. Nice…except Danny is in jail for not paying child support of $34,934.00. Not the first time either.

    What’s really odd is that he works at Terros:

    TERROS is a community-based behavioral health organization that helps people recover from substance abuse, mental illness and other behavioral health problems. TERROS provides a wide range of services throughout Maricopa County, Arizona, including mobile crisis intervention, prevention of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS, outpatient treatment and specialized services to assist persons who have a serious mental illness.

    Man if they knew what he’s been up to that might change but I suspect taking a leave of absence to spend time in jail might also interfere in your career.

    There is a moral to the story. You will be cut by the sword you wield. It is justice. They may scare little girls and women but not me.

    So…2 down, Rogers and Scalf. Couple more to go.

  5. OH yeah…forgot to mention that in an interview the other day, it was confirmed that Danny Scalf was using IP addresses out of Eastern Europe to post on Ripoff Report.

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