Thinking about hiring Siamack (Sia) Yaghobi?  Here’s some things you need to know.  He is part of The reputation Assassin League, a paid employee of Ripoff Report.  Information gathered from search warrants reflect Siamack was ordered by Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report to post defamation on pre-existing posts then try and sell a reputation remediation , or “Corporate Advocacy Program”.

“This e-mail exchange between the two demonstrates that RipOff Report employee Siamack Yaghobi was responsible for posting the June 8, 2013, rebuttal comment to complaint No. 970019, and probably other like-comments on other RipOff Report complaints.”

“On September 11, 2012, 3:47 a.m., Darren Meade sent the link to this RipOff Report complaint to RipOff Report employee Siamack Yaghobi . Ex. 36 In an earlier e-mail (September6, 2012) Siamack Yaghobi told Meade he would publish anonymous rebuttal comments to complaint No. 938843 once it appeared online. Ex.37 The same day, Meade instructed Tracey Richter ’s family and friends to “promote [RipOff Report complaint No. 938843] and ask people to offer their honest opinion [and] share their own stories of [the State’s witnesses]. Ex.38″

FROM http://www.thepantheronline.com/

“Siamack Yaghobi, a former senior marketing major, is barred from entering campus, according to an email sent to Chapman students, staff and faculty Thursday.

Yaghobi, who was served with a restraining order, may not contact certain Chapman community members or come on campus, according to the email sent by Public Safety.”


Ed's Aladin

Siamack Yaghobi is part of the extortion team.

Served with restraining order

Served with restraining order


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