Much of the information that comes in this story is a result of me being sued by Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures. I had a absolute obligation to defend myself and my insurance carrier that was footing the bill for the litigation and in my opinion much of this story is a result of this investigation and has been devastating to Magedson and I will never understand how his law firm could have allowed their client to be exposed like this..  At this link you will find the content created by John Unger and Ed Magedson.  You will notice on the photograph of Pizza Hut the words lawsuit filed and indeed there was, the attorney being Maria Crimi Speth, Ed Magedson’s current legal counsel.


You may recall in previous chapters that I asserted my opinion Ed Magedson of the Ripoff Report was a defamation machine for the purposes of farming out lawsuits for money, being paid for their investigations and facilitating lawsuits by way of gathering litigants from Ripoff Report post and getting affidavits.   What reporting agency does that?  What interactive website does that? In Pizza Hut the public record will reflect that Ed Magedson was going by the name of Ed Unger and was supposedly the brother to John Unger. The story you can read at the previous link which goes to the Ripoff Report post.


To understand more fully what’s going on you can read this document


In the previous chapters you may recall that John Unger was a neighbor of Ed Magedson and an employee of Ripoff Report. You may recall that I indicated he was creating content on the Ripoff Report post or you could read the story at the Phoenix New Times article that was printed August 2, 2001. A thumbnail sketch of both stories is that employees were not getting their paychecks and that there was narcotics being transported by one or more of the Pizza Hut drivers. I’m not weighing in on the validity of these claims I’m simply pointing out that Ed Magedson and his employee were creating the content on Ripoff Report then getting a journalist to bolster their claims by way of the story neither of these things very pleasant for a litigant.


In a transcription from recorded phone calls you will see Ed Magedson claiming to be John’s brother, is using the name Ed Unger saying this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen and that flyers are going to go out and an economic embargo will occur as a result of picketing, newspaper reports and the flyers.  If you get a chance you should read Ripoff Revenge.  You will see that he is keen to reach a settlement unless they involve legal counsel. Reference to the Putt Putt Video.  The man in the video says he was asked to hand out flyers.  He and his daughter claimed that Ed tried to get them to post information on Ripoff Report about Pizza Hut that wasn’t true.  It’s really important for you to understand that Ed is due a 50% commission from any money that comes from what was described as a shakedown.


” So you could let me sit down with the powers that be to settle this, otherwise I can guarantee you this will make the papers.  You don’t know who you are dealing with with this. Okay, this will make the newspapers I can guarantee you that Pizza Hut, I am sure the local residents who know about it maybe some new snowbirds who don’t know, will not be ordering from there anymore”.


“What’s what’s gonna end up happening is, I am going to produce a flyer, I am going to produce a flyer, you will not be able to prove who made the flyer, there’s going to be a flyer produced and it is going to go all around and I guarantee it will make the press, criminal charges are going to be filed”.


“If it’s gonna be with the lawyer than the compensation will cease. I am just going ahead. I am immediately making up the Flyers (A) and( B) a lawsuit is going to be filed”.


“Now look, I am going to tell you, this is going to come to something but you could make it less. So you could either, get back to me and don’t call my brother. You can get back to me and speak to me about it and how you are going to work this out because I’m just going to tell you, I can guarantee you that a I will make sure that people are picketing outside in front of that store letting them know the filthy conditions, I’ve got taped testimonial”.


“My brother has been threatened”.


“Tell them, you need to let them know that look, it’s going to be cheaper for you right now and less embarrassed with no embarrassment whatsoever because if it goes through anything, I am making it totally public. I will make sure they hear about it from California to Florida. It will make the national news because I will make it that way.


“Look, if we wanted to make up a story of something, there is a lot of creative ways and ways, you know, that they will just have to prove, let me just tell you, personally, I feel my brother has one a small lottery right here”.


“Regarding compensation for my brother”.


“I just want compensation for my brother”.


“You’re going to want to send everyone home because you ain’t that I have business in there when I get finished with this flyer and you won’t have anyone to hook onto”.


“I am not producing it (flyers). No, this is other people that are going to do it. It’s a nonprofit organization”.


There is important information to be gained by going through the public record of the Pizza Hut case and one of the most striking things I found is that John Unger was completely terrorized by Ed Magedson and had expressed a desire to withdraw from the lawsuit because of his mistrust over his attorneys. His therapist had discussed with him how cult leaders affected their followers by inserting themselves into their lives causing them lack of sleep and becoming vulnerable to the suggestions of the leader. The therapist had suggested that Mr. Unger turn off his computer at nine o’clock at night so that he wouldn’t be inundated with the haranguing of Ed Magedson.


In the record you’re going to see that John Unger was not pleased to sit in deposition and caused him great anxiety. It’s difficult for me to understand who he was more afraid of,  his advocate and neighbor Ed Magedson or the people whom he had accused of forcing him to transport drugs in Pizza Hut boxes. The public record is pretty clear that Maria Speth was aware that her client Ed Magedson was to get a commission from any proceeds that may come from a settlement of the case. Frankly I’m disturbed by that.  I don’t think taking a commission for the results of an investigation violates statute but certainly it can bias the results.  My guess is Speth was on a contingency agreement and had a keen financial interest in results that would bolster her claim.


I was able to obtain from the Apache Junction justice courts in injunction against harassment John Unger filed against Ed Magedson. The claims in the injunction asserted that Ed was extorting and blackmailing his neighbor for $5000-$8000 this sum was supposed to be the commission that Ed would’ve received from the settlement and apparently John didn’t deliver. It was claimed in the injunction that Ed was e-mailing John Unger’s friends and claiming that his father was a pedophile and that his brother was providing prescription drugs to Unger. Mr. Unger also mentioned that there was a flyer that was produced and distributed to his neighbors and that he was in fear for his life and was leaving town.


Here we have that word flyer again.  When I went up to the neighborhood that Magedson and Unger lived in I interviewed some neighbors who had a strong dislike for Ed and his” friend” Eric Skelling. During the interview the neighbors produced a flyer that had been distributed in the mailboxes and the streets of the neighborhood. On this flyer was a photograph of John Unger and words in red do not let this man get behind you. He gives prescription drugs to men and then rapes them while they’re unconscious.  (Again refernce the Putt Putt Video).  If you see him call the police. This is the flyer you’ll hear about in the Putt Putt video and that you’ll see John Unger talks about in the injunction against harassment. I handed that flyer over to the FBI.  The injunction against harassment also suggested that in fact two flyers were sent out. A little footnote, John Unger at the time he was on AHCCS which is state Medicaid for the indigent. Magedson had been threatening to turn him in because Unger was working delivering pizzas and as an employee of Ripoff Report. I’m not sure if he received food stamps or other state aid.  I have a good working relationship with DES Special Investigations Unit, maybe I should look and see.   I want you to think about this for a minute. How would you like to have your neighbors receive a flyer from a sociopath claiming that you’re a pedophile? Nice guys huh?


What I also observed during the interview with the neighbor was a letter that had been distributed to the neighborhood by an anonymous person who felt inclined to discuss what he viewed as moral lapses of his neighbors suggesting infidelities and other issues not worth mentioning.  Those neighbors were clear in their opinion Ed Magedon was distributing that letter.


John Unger in fact moved to California as a result of Ed Magedson’s harassment.  When I put up the first part of the Putt Putt video that describes the events you read here John took exception to it and started texting threatening messages to me. He mentioned James Rogers and claimed I was a pervert. At the time I couldn’t understand who this was coming from or why they would say what they said but later on it all came together when I traced the phone number . Part of the defamation machine is in conversation to tell an outrageous lie to another in the hopes that they’ll spread that lie through other forms of media.  What’s really odd is that they were threatening me with libel that in fact describes their own lifestyles.

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