They’re coming to take me away away!

The date is June 8th.  Pay attention to the date here.  You will see I know what I am talking about soon.

July 8th 2014Gentle reader, I now present you with just a very small portion of what I know and what is going to come.  Keep in mind the evidence hasn’t been made public yet, but I have permission to release this.   You should know I have known for 10 years how this would end.

Somewhere  in Iowa a ball field was built, but not for angels, for demons.  They came from Arizona, California and all over.  And their game was destruction and racketeering.

So this has caused quite a stir.  As you can see the application for a search warrant is lengthy and would have to be digested several times.  The reference to Darren Meade is there and digitally everywhere really.  Like many things on the internet, it’s hard to figure what the truth is except in this case there is evidence which you can see by way of quoting emails and bank transactions.  The implication is that law enforcement has them.  That’s never a good thing when you’re up to no good.  Meade I have never had an interest in like many things out there.  I choose not to involve myself; however, when I found that he was a paid reputation arsonist that was sanctioned to hit me, it became time to do something.  Meade says a lot about nothing.  I doubt there is anyone that gives him credibility.  Working for Ripoff Report as a reputation assassin is just where he needs to be.

Recently he posted a video for a very short time that chronicled his work for Ed Magedson.  I presume it went live in an attempt to extort Magedson for more hush money.  In any case there was more than a little bit of nonsense in there about me being involved with people I don’t even know which caused me to ponder and wondered if he was inept as in investigator.  Then it dawned on me he is just exploiting Magedsons paranoia by linking his enemies with other enemies and Magedson doesn’t give a damn if it’s true or not.

So what’s the thumbnail of this warrant?  Michael Roberts is an opponent of Ed Magedson and Ripoff Report for his own reasons.  The relationship between them is volatile each creating content about the other and each one hating that.  Ed isn’t one to let that go, maybe not Roberts either, but it’s clear what Ed has said and done is having a negative financial impact on Roberts and that was by design. Roberts has created a boycott to persuade existing customers and advertising partners of RipOff Report that joining any of the controversial programs would be unwise and they, (customer) would be the subject of the boycott.  No matter how you feel about that the courts decided that what Roberts was doing was free speech, even though it was harming Ed’s revenue stream.  More on this later.

Meade has a history with Roberts which is unclear but it is apparent Meade takes umbrage to real or perceived insults and has gone on a defamation spree to discredit Roberts.  The warrant will show that at one point in time Meade and others were involved in the marketing of an injection code that made negative reports disappear from websites.  It seems that the device was a point of contention among several parties vying for control of the product because it could potentially bring in millions of dollars by wholesaling it out to reputation repair companies.  In essence, for a sum of money you can pay a reputation company to inject the code into a website and viola, the post is gone!

Clearly this happened in some cases, certainly with RipOff Report.  Is it illegal?  That’s for the courts to decide and to date I am unaware of any arrests, though it is clear Meade visited by the FBI in Phoenix to lay the blame on Roberts and at the same time apply for a job with RipOff Report.  The warrant shows Meade stayed in a hotel in close proximity to RipOff Report law firm Jaburg & Wilk, which you will read more about both here and in the warrant.

You need the back story where Roberts was married to a woman named Tracey Richter and if Googled you will see she is currently serving time for murder having also been charged with passport fraud and convicted of identity theft, two counts felony perjury, and welfare fraud..  The courts have ruled on this and it’s not up to me to change that though others have tried. Those convictions do not make her guilty of murder but a jury or judge did.  In some circumstances, Roberts has been publicly accused of participating in the murder, though law enforcement is pretty clear that’s not the case.  Also equally clear is that lie was spread virally by Meade and Magedson.  The truth notwithstanding  this was an opportunity for Ed Magedson to strike out at Roberts by way of casting aspersions on Robert’s character via Meade and others.  If Tracey was wrongfully convicted, they can get the Justice Project involved as they would not have a bias the others do… except, Julie Rial is on Ed’s payroll.  Julie has a connection to Jaburg & Wilk and is affiliated with the Justice Project in Arizona.  Tentacles everywhere.

Saying that on page 93 you will find the name Victoria Ames an attorney that is trying to get Michael Roberts’ confidential therapy reports / notes.  Why?  According to her Linkedin profile she is an attorney for Jaburg & Wilk, that’s right, Ed Magedson’s law firm.  I can promise if those medical records were accessed they would be used to further harass and intimidate Roberts from going after their client Ripoff Report.  On page 90 you will see a check was written to Victoria Ames by Ed Magedson on Xcentric Ventures Bank of America account.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ed Magedson has tried to frame someone.He attempted it with me several times and without going into great detail law enforcement investigated his and his attorney’s claims and found no merit to them. You will find those mentioned in other chapters.  In Roberts case a similar incident happened with Scott Juceam, another target of Magedson’s who has been accused of making threatening phone calls and other skullduggery by Magedson.  Who knows?  Doesn’t really matter in this you have to focus on what Magedson does.  Scott Juceam’s sister is Ronnie Lynn Deutch, who you can read about in the front page of Google.  As happens many times there was great rancor between the parties. Sadly, Scott Juceam lost a child as a result of a caregiver through shaken baby syndrome.  It is alleged Magedson sent a letter to the judge suggesting Juceam, not the caregiver was the real culprit and the authorities should look at him.

There is no doubt that sometimes people do regrettable things in their lives.  Magedson would have you focus on that and not him.  That regrettable moment will be ridden by Magedson and spun into many other things for his own purposes.  It will distract you from focusing on him.  What you need to be aware of is that Magedson’s attorney Maria Crimi Speth made a claim that Roberts authored a death threat towards her.  I’ve seen this before and have been on the receiving end of it.  I have mentioned in other chapters that the FBI visited me several years ago as a result of Magedson and company making false claims.  When the agent left, he said, “Sometimes in vengeance people do things and try to make it look like someone else did it”.  It’s called a frame job.

A footnote here is that this is a pattern and practice with Ed.  Danny Scalf was one of his cyber assassins and there are others.  Ed tried to distance himself from the actual crimes so he has proxies do it for him.  In one case James Rogers stated that Ed gave him a script and told him to go to Kinkos and create RipOff Report credentials then create posts and add to existing posts. James is in prison as you see in previous chapters.

As seen in the Stick Bogart information, he too is having others post or writing what they want and Ed posts it in such a way to rank then hitting up the object of the post to pay for one of ROR’s programs.

Meade worked directly with Tracey Richters mother Anna and fiance to gather their own spin on the case in what is alleged to be an attempt to get a new trial.  If Ed and Meade actually believed there was compelling evidence of a wrongful conviction this would be perhaps an altruistic endeavor; however from my perspective, this was just an opportunity to go after the enemies of Ed and Meade.  This in itself is morally unpalatable on the surface, but Iowa has a witness tampering statute on the books that makes it a crime to harass and intimidate witnesses even after the fact.  Roberts was a witness, but he wasn’t the only one that was publicly tarred and feathered.  Other witnesses and even the prosecutor were blasted to the point of appearing on every page of RipOff report that too by design.  Now I, as a consulting expert witness am also the object of their attacks and there is evidence to show Meade was hired by Magedson and Adam Kunz knew about it.Meades postings are quite visible.

Ed as in all things has said he isn’t responsible for the content on his website though there was more than one conversation between Ed, Meade and a private investigator and at one point Magedson says he doesn’t have people writing for him per se.   I don’t think you need much imagination to figure out what per se means in this case.   It’s clear Ed was very involved in producing material to harm Roberts using Meade as his agent.

The warrant suggests a money trail between Ed and Meade with a number of $90,000.00-$100,000.00.  Also mentioned are debit cards. ( More will come later on this.)  This will suggest that law enforcement may have the bank records and certainly the emails.   Clearly Meade was being paid by Magedson in different ways and for what?  The evidence will suggest Meade was Ed’s reputation arsonist going after me, Janice Duffy, Michael Roberts, Ben Smith and others who strongly oppose Ed Magedson’s business model.

The warrant also suggests that Meade is getting state aid by way of Medicaid and disability.   This is a state funded medical insurance for the indigent.  In the past, I have had reason to work with Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) fraud department which is this state’s Medicaid.  Those that fraudulently obtain services by not disclosing income can be prosecuted.  The Attorney General will make the subject pay the money back without prosecution if the services were under $500o.00.  If over that amount the state will prosecute for fraud.  California has a similar statute.  During the subjects time on Medicaid they will be audited by the state.  Part of the audit is to ask for bank statements.  Some people have decoy bank accounts that have small amounts of money that receives the disability payments and nothing else to fool the audit.  The state doesn’t have the where for all to obtain bank records without legal measures IE subpoena.  The state only knows a subject is working if W2s are filed.  A 1099 will not be bring attention.

In public statements Meade has admitted to keeping a small amount of money in a bank account because he is on state aid.  How then does he get paid $90,000.00 by Ripoff Report and it flies under the radar?  Because that money goes into a different account and money is also delivered by way of other means such as money cards as suggested in the warrant which again implies law enforcement has the financial transactions.  Why would someone pay by money card or other means?  To participate in the fraud.  There are criminal statutes on the books for this and assisting income tax evasion.  I presume the warrant has this information in it because it will become a point of contention for the parties involved at one point.  Likely the state and Federal government already have this information.

The warrant is also suggesting that Meade’s laptop wound up in the hands of a repair facility and for some reason there became an issue between Meade and the repair person mentioned in the warrant.  $90.00 was owed.  As a result of the disagreement, defamation about the repair person and his family was posted on Rip-Off Report.  It was alleged that Meade demanded $7,000.00 to remove the posts when he was confronted by the repair person.

Why is this important other than the extortion claim in the warrant?  Danny Scalf, one of the Eds other agent provocateurs had his laptop scooped up by an angry ex-wife.  Also produced were hours and hours of audio recordings of Scalf and Magedson hatching their plans.  The contents of the computer and recordings were so harmful that Scalf’s attorney attempted to get the contents sealed.  Additionally Magedson paid Scalf money through another attorney to help with that attempt.  Losing your computer filled with criminal activity is just not a good idea and as Scalf communicates with his estranged wife, “You implicate me, you implicate Ed’..

The warrant suggests via emails that Ed’s newest interest and employee/agent Siamack Yaghobi went to the computer repair person as Meades and Eds agent to retrieve the computer.  Again the repair person asks that the reports posted about him come down.  Sia makes a call and viola, the posts are removed on the spot and the computer is handed over.  I think it’s naive to think that hard drive wasn’t ghosted first.  Unfortunately, it seems shortly after, the posts went back up.  The implication here is that Meade had the ability to edit and/or remove reports he created, otherwise the call was made to Ed Magedson and he removed or caused the post to be removed.  If you look at some of the emails in the warrant Meade bemoans the fact that he can no longer access material he posted about Roberts.    Clearly he had control of that content.  What’s also clear from the emails is that Ed was paying Siamack Yaghobi’s  phone bills, but in such a way that it would not lead back to Ed, who will and has claimed they are not employees of Ripoff Report and has tried to put them in as independent contractors with signed non-disclosures.  Here are the IRS rules.  My interpretation of the rules is that Meade, Siamack and others are in fact Provisional Employees.  Does this matter in terms of Ed’s liability for their actions?  A professional would have to decide… or the courts.

You will see in the warrant that Siamack Yaghobi (Sam Youbanks) via email solicitations to potential customers was offering to remove complaints on Pissedconsumer.com if potential customers signed up for one of the programs.  This he claims is a result of a settlement that is likely confidential, but the deed can be done simply by asking Pissedconsumer or strong arming.  What’s interesting is that there was a Pissedconsumer complaint on Siamack Yaghobi that has since been deleted.  So much for being the freedom of speech champion.  Even that I suppose can be bought and sold.  What”s of further interest is by way of public record a declaration from a previous lawsuit showed that Adam Kunz Esq. Ripoff Report attorney was said to have the twisted Pissedconsumers arm to get content about one of Jaburg & Wilks attorneys removed.  You will see references to Adam Kunz emails in the warrant something that may come back to haunt him, especially regarding the testimony he gave at Roberts hearing.  What’s clear at this point is law enforcement has the emails and I can only imagine what else is in them.  Well, Maybe I don’t have to imagine.

Who is Siamack Yaghobi?  This link here might explain some, but the Orange County Superior Court will explain even more.  Eds Aladin.

The warrant has other mentions of removing posts for money.  Ed and his agents have made a lot of noise about never removing a post and it’s simply a lie.  He went on quite a defamation spree about my Putt Putt video because the witnesses claimed he offered to remove the post for $500.00.  He with the help of Meade, created videos claiming it was just not true, but also included an amazing amount of lies about me calling me a disgraced private investigator.  The witness in the Putt Putt video was publicly humiliated and harassed by way of his own special Ripoff Report post created by Ed Magedson.  They even sent private investigators to Florida in what the witness claimed was an attempt to get him to change his story.  Does this sound familiar?  That aside, posts have been removed, there’s no doubt.  Even Magedson former legal counsel David Gingras admitted as much under oath.  Those that had them removed have said they paid $10,000.00 to have it done.  True or not the posts were removed.

The warrant is also suggesting that there is and was an active attempt to sell the CAP and/or Verified Safe Program.  This is a little troubling in that at Roberts hearing I attended, Adam Kunz, Esq COO and in house counsel to Rip-Off Report and of counsel to Jaburg & Wilk, testified that they had ceased marketing the programs and were forced to provide a disclaimer to potential members of the program that they could become the object of the boycott if they joined.  I have not seen a shred of evidence to suggest what Adam Kunz testified to was true.  In fact, his friend and witness Mary Hagan was actively selling the programs and getting a commission.  She was there to testify as a wounded Verified Safe member, but it was never disclosed she was a paid agent of Rip-Off Report not only for sales, but also consulting, this during the time Adam claims that wasn’t happening.

The warrant was to specifically gain access to a Anna Richters computer and storage devices to further bolster the conspiracy between her, Ed Magedson, Darren Meade and others.  In my opinion that is just icing on the cake because from what I’ve seen, Ben Smith and now some litigants have a whole bunch to work with.

There has been some negative energy on Ben Smith about being proactive in making sure Tracey Richter doesn’t have access to money of any sort.  If you read the online articles and the warrant, it seems clear she is one of the maestros directing the witness tampering concert.  There is mention of her having family members access her debit cards and personal funds for her own devices.  In my opinion, if Tracey was caught with a gun or cell phone in her cell, the state has to remove those items so she can’t harm anyone else.   In this case money is being used to facilitate the crime.  You will see Anna Richter paid Darren Meade.

The bottom of the warrant describes the various charges that may be filed and to my mind the Federal Government now also has this.

Download Search Warrant Application Here

Since the time I have written this more information has been added that I will blend into the story eventually.  As you read the Warrant application, it also has exhibits because Anna Richters attorney is trying to expunge the application.  You will see that I am mentioned and that as a result of assisting a law enforcement agency as a consulting expert witness in all things Ed Magedson and Ripoff Report, I have had a new “hit piece” written about me and placed on every page, 1.8 million of Ripoff Report.  Ben Smith makes it clear that this too is witness tampering and certainly not the first time they have tried it with me or others for that matter.  The “hit pieces” have been relagated to normal status now meaning it is not a featured post any more.  Not the first time this has happened.

Frankly, I haven’t read the posts.  I understand that Adam Kunz authored one that suggests I attempted to extort money from Ripoff Report.  I have phone calls he made to me recorded and they will be transcribed in time.  In essence, he laments that I keep showing up at hearings, assisting opposing litigants and am trying to put Ed in jail and they want it stopped.  At one point in time he suggests I go to work for Ripoff Report.  I laughed at the idea.  So when that didn’t work he makes the call to me, I presume recording or another sat in and attempted to get me to admit to things that never happened.  He then claims that in “Operation Brewington”, they were going to have me arrested and have my license taken away.  When that didn’t happen and the warrant came out, Ed finally cajoled Kunz into writing the “hit piece”.  Personally, I think it was colossally stupid because it seems from the warrant, law enforcement has those emails.  I also think there is a bar complaint coming.

The exhibits will also reflect emails between Kunz and Meade that honestly, I keep laughing about.  In a running exchange Kunz discusses paying him extortion yet it was claimed at one point they filed a criminal complaint on Meade.  Huh?  What I think will go down into history somewhere, Kunz comments, ”You are making it hard for us to pay your extortion without feeling like real idiots”. Adam Kunz.  As mentioned earlier Kunz is not longer an attorney or of counsel to Jaburg & Wilk.

The other emails from this bar member calls Meade a conman, extortionist and other ugly things.  So?  He is, however, Magedson is trying to sell the media on the idea that he had nothing to do with the Meade posting though Meade is a very credible character.  Panic!  Then of course there is Magedson paying Meade to create “hit pieces” on me.  All to harass and intimidate a witness.

A lot is being written about Tracey Richter.  She is just a tool for Magedson to strike out at Roberts.  She has nothing to do with this story, except as a shining example of how Magedson manipulates everyone, even his attorneys into doing things they generally may not be predisposed to do.  That would be if they ever had a moral compass to begin with.

This story just about writes itself.  The opposing side tried to get Ben Smith dismissed as a prosecutor because in effect, he has a negative posting on 1.8 million pages of Rip-Off Report, written by Rip-Off Report.  The judge dismissed that motion.  Ben Smith then made an offer to Darren Meades legal counsel that all charges will be dismissed if Meade testifies to the grand jury hearing Magedsons indictment.  Oddly, it appears from recent disclosures, Rip-Off Report attorneys heard about the offer before Darren Meade did.  There also seems to be some question as to who is footing the bill for Mades defense when he claims insolvency.  You don’t have far to look.  Remember in previous chapters I pointed out Magedson funnelling money through an attorney (John Goodson) to get to an attorney representing one of his henchmen.  I expect when this is aired out more you will find the money trail leads right back to Magedson.

An interesting note from the Watson Hearing notice is that Maria Crimi Speth has offered the prosecutor a deal to deindex his posts, created by them, if he promises not to prosecute.  That offer went to the state law enforcement agency and I’ll bet the Arizona Bar Association asserting bribery of a public official.  That Watson hearing notice also casts a pallor onto the defense attorney for participating in the offer.

The exhibits in the notice reflect emails from Darren Meade, whom Ed Magedson “steaks” (sp) reputation on, was fishing for legal counsel to represent him against Rip-Off Report.  What I find to have amazing gall is that some of the attorneys he approached had previously been eviscerated in Rip-Off Report by none other than Meade.  Granted, it seems it was Ed Magedson writing the email draft of the complaint that was to later be filed in both Rip-Off Report and other complaint sites.  One of those attorneys was and is opposing counsel in civil suits.  Justin Crossman, it is claimed would change the IP address of the post Meade would be making in Rip-Off Report.  Maria Crimi Speth called Chris Ingle Esq to notify him that a post about him had been posted, presumably by an unknown party, but they benevolently would not post that complaint.  Later that same complaint was posted to Pissed Consumer who graciously removed it.

This is a public declaration of Justin Crossman about those sorts of issues.  And this declaration is in effect why he felt he should should not be deposed.  I think deposition is exactly what needs to happen with this one except I expect the grand jury is wanting first crack..

Finally, there has been a civil rights lawsuit against Ben Smith.. Yes, that’s right, another civil rights lawsuit filed by Ed Magedson.  The first one (5:91-cv-00213-NPM Magedson v. Fina, et al) and the appeal didn’t go so well for him and he had to pay out money.  This lawsuit in Federal court seeks to prevent Ben Smith from prosecuting in state courts.  I don’t think Federal courts will tell state court what to do. Maybe I am the smartest attorney in the room and I am not an attorney or in the room.

This in part is a quote from a comment made by an unknown person that seems to know Ed from the old days. “The reputation I heard at that time was that he had threatened to burn an establishment if they didn’t carry or advertise in his magazine”.   Think about this comment made from circumstance long ago and how it applied today.  What makes this any different than a classic organized crime shakedown?  In the Watson notice you will see Siamack Yagohobi was posting negative comments on already existing Rip-Off Reports post if those people did not purchase one of the remediation programs.  This was pretty much the same MO with James Rogers, who also claimed he was ordered by Ed Magedson to do the same thing. Rogers is in prison.

I need to make something clear.  Do not call me and make even subtle references you are going to harm or kill any of the players here.  I will turn you in.  The courts have to handle this.

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