It was during a series of emails back and forth between myself, ED and his monitors that I was vicariously introduced to Robert Paisola.  A blog he had written was sent to me unsolicited by way of introduction to the last guy that had investigated Ripoff Report and Ed Magedson.  I found it odd in part because I wasn’t investigating either of them and I didn’t ask for a reference.  The blog was written about Steve Miller and his company Federated Financial and was not complimentary.  At the time Miller was the lead antagonist of Ripoff Report and had been in litigation where the two of them sued each other.  Pretty good information came out of the suit and his investigation.  Google Ripoff Report today and Millers video will appear on front page.  What was striking to me is that Paisola’s blog alerted me by it’s writing style that something was wrong.  It just looked like a contrived hachet job for the benefit of Ripoff Report so I looked at the author and found a world that was written about by my friend and journalist Stephen Dark.  The story is Conman.com and can be found on the internet.

An internet search of Robert Paisola will tell you more than I wish to here but I suppose it’s important to say that he has spent some time in Federal prison for possession of child pornography and fraud.  He has spent a good deal of time kicking kitty litter on the first one to cover the stench but it seems his internet service provider noticed an unusual amount of bandwidth being used and took a look finding hundreds of images of children some in sexual repose.  The US Customs department was alerted and Paisola was indicted.  The frauds were turning in creative loan applications to banks.  Robert had spent a good deal of his career in the debt collection industry and upon his release attempted to do the same thing though using unconventional tactics by way of internet terrorism.  He even set himself up to go after collection agencies that violated laws as well as other industries that he had a passing knowledge of.  While setting up his cyber world he was still on parole a condition of which was to stay away from the internet.

Paisola admired the Ripoff Report business model and decided to ingratiate himself upon Ed Magedson to further his own agenda.  Magedson was looking for an opportunity as always to strike out at his enemies through proxy, just as is done on Ripoff Report by way of helping posters write content that will have the most effect.  Thus came the blog about Miller.  Then came conman.com,then came my first complaint on Ripoff Report by Roberto and he has admitted to it.  The next complaint came from Bud Hibbs, who also admitted to and and has since apologized and I am obliged to accept.  He has passed on so I won’t go into his methods.  Suffice to say ED had a hand in the creation of the reports about me.  In fact you will see some of that creation in the emergency response to the Injunction against harassment I filed.  It has been claimed that I was being investigated by the Secret Service and that I stole $6,500 from a client none of which are true, just vengeance.  In the scheme of things Paisola is not important to the Ripoff Report story, just two guys using each other but he is important to the Social Waterboarding story.  What is also important is the use of proxies to post defamation.

If you search Federal court records you will see that Paisola was sued over what might be called domain hijacking.  Paisola was still in the debt collection business though not in the traditional way.  If he wanted to get money out of his victims he created a blog and/or purchased a domain that held their name such as johnbrewington.net and created websites filled with defaming material.  When the subjects of his defamation objected Paisola would offer to sell the domain to the for a nice profit.  Some objected and sued generally causing him to cave in pretty quickly for the most part.  One of his victims was his ex-wifes employer that allegedly owed her back wages.

Paisola also sold relief from debt collectors that were over zealous in their attempts to collect money.  Robert would call then and get them to violate Federal collection laws then create media about it.

The same with time shares and anything else he could get his hooks into.  As he upped his game he took on the persona of reporter, most notably for CNN and other brand names.  His resume took on some padding as well.

Much of this was an attempt to copy Ripoff Report in essence to hold a company hostage with defamation to cause an economic embargo to force the subject of his attention to negotiate or to pay up, a theme you saw in the last chapter of Ripoff Report.  At one point Paisola was offering to sell the Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Program.  Magedson has claimed in deposition that Paisola had no authority to do this but today it appears he has representatives selling his Verified Safe Program which makes it plausible that Paisola was selling on Magedsons behalf.  What is clear is that Magedson has tried to distance himself from Paisola as have others.

Recently I saw defamation on the internet about me that became part of Ripoff Reports official response to the Putt Putt Video.  There was a story about me taking a case to find a parent in Mexico and took a $6,500.00 retainer only to disappear with the money.  That same official response had a poke at Stephen Dark and Bill Bauer whom had previously written about Paisola in unflattering terms.  Clearly the content of Ripoff Reports official response was contrived by Magedon’s associate Paisiola originally and repeated for the benefit of Ed’s machine.  The use of proxies is not uncommon.

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