As I remember particular events to put to keyboard I am compelled to get them out so they can used in any cause of action.  I was sued by Xcentric Ventures and Ed Magedson several years ago. Part of the disclosures was a declaration made by Eric Skelling aka Frenchy whom you read about in previous chapters.  That declaration was made while he was sitting in Pinal County jail awaiting transfer to the department of corrections.  Yeah…I know…they get a sworn statement from a guy on his way to prison.  Not a lone event.  One of the other witnesses had spent time in prison for making terroristic threats and of course we already know about James P Rogers.

In recent developments I attended an evidentiary hearing in Maricopa County Superior court that was intended to get a permanent injunction against a protest group opposed to Ripoff Reports position.   Adam Kunz Esq who is now an executive for Xcentirc Ventures and of counsel to Jaburg & Wilk was there to testify.  Some interesting things that came out was that they were compelled to warn current and potential customers that they could be the object of the protest group and wind up on with prominent posts about them on Google if they did business with Ripoff Report..  Kunz also mentioned that there were members of Ripoff Report Verified that were not fulfilling their contractual obligations which is the same case with the Corporate Advocacy Program.  During a deposition in my law suit Ed Magedson admitted that John Beck Free & Clear was a CAP member in spite of the fact that the FTC was investigating at that point.  As it turns out the FTC won a $478,000.000.00 judgment.

Also present at the hearing was Mary Hagen of Hagen Companies and Hagen Hunting.  Ms. Hagen composed herself with great decorum and expressed her outrage that her company was part of the boycott and she had to remove herself from membership of the Ripoff Report Verified program.  When asked, she identified herself as a friend to Adam Kunz but evidence later showed she was the Marketing Director for Ripoff Report and had a Ripoff Report email.  Maybe there is an explanation but like always things aren’t always what they appear.

But wait there’s more.  At this link you will find Dr. Janice Duffy writing of her experiences which includes mention of other CAP members that don’t seem to be sincere about their commitment to fair and honest dealing.

One of the witnesses in the hearing was a former Ripoff Report Verified client that was also identified as a personal friend of Adam Kunz Esq.  My opinion is that he should have warned his friend that standing under the Magedson tree might cause you to get struck by lightening.

In the prior hearing it seems an FBI agent was in attendance in part perhaps because Maria Crimi Speth Esq. alleges she received a death threat she attributed to the leader of the protest group. While she had the letter with her, it was not to my knowledge presented to the courts.  In my opinion it’s because Chris Ingle Esq. made an appearance.  Had he not I suspect that email would have been used to predudice the courts to grant the injunctive relief sought.  This is not the first time a death threat was used in that fashion.  During the injunctive hearing with Bill Stanley who also claimed membership to a protest group named Internet Defamation League, an alleged death threat was admitted as evidence claiming that it was delivered to Ed Magedsons homes in spite of Stanley not knowing where Ed lived.  The Mesa police didn’t believe for a minute there was a legitimate death threat and the FBI agent that visited me was very clear that they were not investigating in spite of Ed Magedson claiming they were.  I should also mention that Maria Crimi Speth claimed in my suit that she received an envelope with a letter and white powder that she attributed to me about the same time she claimed I was part of the Russian Mafia.  Interesting.  I suppose if that were true everyone would be in deep shit.  At one point in time it was claimed I had membership in one or more 1% motorcycle clubs.  Again if that were true it could be presumed everyone would be in deep shit.  I don’t choose to confirm or deny either of those claims.

If you cry wolf too many times the man isn’t going to pay attention to you when the real thing happens.  You also invite scrutiny from people you likely do not want looking into your activities…like me.  I have been asked to investigate the origin of the latest of Maria Crimi Speth’s death threat histrionics.  One of the things I know about investigations is that when you start looking around for one thing, all kinds of other things fall out.

Today 11/22/2013 the courts ruled against Maria Crimi Speth and Adam Kunz attempts to stop protest group authorizedstatement.org, of which Dr. Janice Duffy is an instrumental participant.  No doubt an appeal is coming but I suspect copy cat groups are going to spring up.  Chris Ingle and Logan Elia of Ingle Elia PLLC have handled many Xcentric Ventures actions and may be the legal experts in Arizona to go to.  I strongly recommend them.


I know this will get confusing but after edits it will come around. Yesterday after speaking to another Xcentric litigant I received a series of emails between Ed Magedson and the party.  It appeared that Ed was negotiating for other consumer domains in hopes there was scurrilous material on them, especially about attorneys.  It appears as if there was negotiating over ad space on Ripoff Report for these domains in addition to any recorded statements that the litigant might be able to provide with regards to what a Ripoff Report competitor charges to mitigate or remove posts on their website.  There was also negotiations about editing content.  Ed even uses an analogy about slip and fall scams which I find so very amusing.

While going over these emails it became clear to me what I already knew.  Competitors are scraping content from Ripoff Report and placing it on their own sites.  Ripoff Report stands to lose money if people are reluctant to join any of the mediation programs Magedson has set up if the same or other material exists on other sites.  Why pay one when others will just be there?  The same thing happened to the mug shot industry.  First there was one now there are many.  Why pay to have one removed when there will be more?  The price for doing so will plummet as the competition rises.  I think I saw a class action suit against the mugshot industry.

What I know today is what I knew a while back.  These competitor sites have SEO groups working as agents to either push down negative material for one price or remove it for another price.  The SEO agents are old antagonists of Ripoff Report though going by a different name and where scraping Ripoff Report content years ago.  Troubling?  Many things to think about.  Personally I would rather deal with someone who will remove content than someone that won’t or at least claim they won’t.  Clearly though there are lots of issues that only change to legislature will fix or they can all put each other other out of business…with a little outside agitation.

My question is…if I knew this why didn’t Jaburg & Wilk with all their resources and expertise?  Maybe they did and just find it easier to shot gun a law suit to get an injunctive order against parties unrelated to each other.


Xcentric Ventures vs Lavidge

This one is pretty curious.  According to James Rogers interviews ED tried to scam Lavidge out of $600,000.00, his words.  It doesn’t take much to see the connection Lavidge and Jaburg & Wilk have with each other.  Maria Crimi Speth even represented William Lavidge in other business ventures.  Even connections with Ben Smith the former Ripoff Report tech guy mentioned on other chapters.  Here you can see Maria Crimi Speth and Ben Smith discussing Dynamic Leadership Solutions.

According the James Rogers, Justin Crossman, the current tech guy worked for Lavidge as Ripoff Report tech and was hired away from Lavidge which prompted a disagreement between the two that according to Rogers prompted Ed Magedson to pay for Crossman’s legal expenses.

This time Xcentric is represented by Dennis Wilenchik whom you can read about at the Phoenix New Times.  The Phoenix New Times of course did the story The Real Ripoff Report and were sued.  There doesn’t appear to be any love lost between Wilenchik and New Times nor the plaintiffs in an action brought against him and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

What”s also interesting to me is that Dennis Wilenchik is Ripoff Report Verified.  Maybe the Phoenix New Times investigated more than Ripoff Report did.

I am having trouble wrapping my head around all this though I think I am clear as to why Jaburg & Wilk aren’t representing Xcentric this time.  I think I am.

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  2. The real question is why the FBI allows dishonest lawyers like that to abuse the system and engage an agent on our tax dollars without merit? Any false allegation like that should be immediately investigated by the FBI and charges should be pressed against the person that’s clearly abusing the system.

    I wish you all the best with the investigations. No doubt that if you start digging there, you’re going to get a shovel full of something that stinks.