Darren Meade aka Darren M Meade is a paid reputation assassin who both works freelance and is employed by Ripoff Report. He trolls Orange County Craigslist looking for work as a marketer and after he is hired creates chaos and claims he is owed back wages then goes on a defamation campaign if he is not paid. Ripoff Report claims this is extortion when he did it to them.


Darren M Meade and Ripoff Report is being sued for $60,000,000.00 and we’d like to know where he is so he can be served. He and the US veteran he defamed for profit deserve their day in court.

These documents are part of his running narrative with Ed Magedson, owner of Ripoff Report.

This video was created by him and uploaded to the internet.  It will help explain what he does, why and for whom.

If you know where he is or are another victim, please let us know.



Some items taken from public record will help you understand who this scum is and why it’s important to get him off the street.

“Meade wrote, “It is a forum for women to alert other women about men read the screen shot and towards the end it mentions a ‘detective’ named John Brewington who date raped a women in Arizona with a guy named Chris Engle, do you know who that is?” Ex. 100 There was no Google alert in Darren Meade’s e-mail inboxes, and all Google alerts Meade sent to Magedson previously were from the Google e-mail alert, which was not the case here”

“It is no coincidence that such an outrageous story about Michael Roberts’s appeared about Michael Roberts’ attorney representing him against RipOff Report and John Brewington, a private investigator who specializes in factual investigations concerning the activities of the RipOff Report. Meade would later admit that Magedson directed him to find Attorney Chris Ingle’s “skeletons,” and when he could not find any, Magedson directed him to manufacture this and other stories about him. Ex. 101″.

 On May 30, 2014,

Darren Meade reminded Ed Magedson that he (Meade) possessed certain items that showed Magedson directed him to write complaints and rebuttal comments on RipOff Report that targeted John Brewington, Chris Ingle (Michael Roberts’s attorney), Adam Tanner, and the State’s witnesses. Ex.126
From Adam Kunz COO Ripoff Report “There is only one con-man in this negotiation and he doesn’t work for [RipOffReport]. A good con-man needs to remain credible to his intended mark, Darren, and you are failing miserably at that. You are making it hard for us to pay your extortion without feeling l ike real idiots. This is a settlement negotiation, and

you are an adult con-man. Show some self respect. Xcentric made an offer, you rejected it. You have some explaining to do, Darren. You better quit playing games and start telling the truth. At [RipOff Report], there is a room full of smart people including Ed who think that is a waste of time, who believe you are lying, and that you are a liar by character. We will treat you as a liar and extortionist for the rest of your expectedly long and corrupt life. You absolutely suck at negotiations, and your vocabulary is pathetic. If you are going to con my client, please try to do it in a way that does not make me look like a fool for letting it happen. You were never offered a new job, and if you actually turned down a real job in order to stay on Ed’s charity, it only shows that you are a lazy con man”.


“And more Adam Kunz wisdoms sent to him. To cure some purported deficiency in the transaction, RipOff Report COO Adam Kunz offered to fly from Phoenix, Arizona, to Orange County, California, to deliver Meade cash, and copy Darren Meade’s computers that contained Darren Meade’s “research” on State v. Richter. Meade told Kunz that he would destroy the files on his laptop after this exchange took place. Ex149″

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