Tempe (pron.: /tɛmˈpiː/, US dict: tem-ˈpē;[2] Oidbaḍ in Pima), also known as Hayden’s Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona, is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, with the Census Bureau reporting a 2010 population of 161,719.[1] The city is named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece. Tempe is located in the East Valley section of metropolitan Phoenix; it is bordered by Phoenix and Guadalupe on the west, Scottsdale on the north, Chandler on the south, and Mesa on the east. Tempe is the location of US Airways Group’s corporate headquarters, and the home of Arizona State University.

Paladin Investigations is a full service Tempe  private investigator located in Tempe Arizona.  If you need a Tempe Private Investigator call now for a free consultation.




Paladin Investigations operates in all of Arizona, from Flagstaff to Yuma and points in between.  Paladin Investigations is a Scottsdale Private Investigator and works a great deal in Scottsdale and Mesa.  Phoenix Arizona is a large metropolitan area and stretches out to Peoria and Glendale.  Scottsdale Private Investigation cases have taken Paladin investigations from one end of Maricopa County to the other.  Looking for a Maricopa County InvestigatorPaladin Investigations covers it all.

Last week we were in Maricopa, Arizona on a domestic case.  Next week it could be anywhere in Arizona or Mexico.

Paladin Investigations



I received a call from the Orange County District Attorney Investigator that worked this case and was advised there has been a disposition.   Previously I had posted about the subject here and as a result he went on a writing campaign by posting false complaints on self proclaimed consumer sites like Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Iripoff and others.  My peers in the Private Investigator industry that chose to stand up to this thug by filing complaints and/or participating with law enforcement to put a stop to him received equal treatment.  How do I know?  Because his computers were seized and the activity was all there.  Here is a link to the story

Fortunately I was able to convince all but The Ripoff Report to remove the false postings about me and others who went up against him.  Thanks to Complaints Board, Iripoff, Pissed Consumer and others for doing the right thing.  I don’t choose to weigh in on the business model of these “consumer” sites but will upon occasion ask them to intervene when it has been shown by law enforcement or the courts that there was a clear act of malice and falsehood in the posting.  It is not for me to judge what is true or not.

My past experience with Orange County District Attorneys office has been pleasing by way of observing what I see as an aggressive prosecution of criminals, something sadly lacking on both a local and Federal level.  Kudos and I am always happy to work with them.  There is an embezzlement case there now.

Here is the latest story on Kevin Sianez.  Just in case Kevin chooses to go on another defamation spree I will remind him that sword cuts both ways and my company tag line is, “There Are No Secrets”.  No doubt those that have been following this know everything about Kevin and his circle of family and friends.  When you break the rules, there are no rules.


Nothing too big or too small

Paladin Investigations recovers assets for lien holders.  Many of our cases had previous investigators attempts to recover the asset only to fail.  No item is too big or too small and include motor homes, industrial saws, limosines and as you can see here, construction equipment.

With the down turn of Arizona’s economy the construction industry has collapsed.  Paladin Investigations is here to enforce secured creditors rights and we only ask nice once.

Recovering construction equipment for secured creditor.


Gang Banger lost his ride

Gang Banger lost his ride



Paladin Investigations is now in Mexico recovering missing collateral.  Yachts, motor homes, planes.

Paladin and Consul General De Mexico Victor Manuel Trevino Escudero and his beautiful wife

Paladin Investigations also operates in Mexico!  Cases have taken us to Cabo San Lucas and Rocky Point and all of Baja California Mexico.  Other countries are not like the Untied States.  If you find yourself in trouble you will need someone that speaks all the languages and understands the nuances of the culture.  Mores are not the same as the United States.  It takes an experienced field agent to get in and solve the problem.

Paladin does not subcontract out services, rather we are there with local contacts getting to the heart of the matter.  We know who to trust and who not to not to trust.

Do you need executive or celebrity protection?  Paladin Investigations has everything in place to make your visit or stay safe and secure.

Are you looking for collateral such as high end yachts or motor homes? Paladin Investigations has experience in locating and recovering financed items. We cover all of Baja California and can go into the rest of Mexico for higher risk assignments. We do not subcontract work. Assignments are completed by Paladin Investigations.


John Brewington may very well be the first Creditors Rights Investigator in the United States and has many years experience in the collection industry. Whether you are looking for a local professional to enforce your presence by making contact with your past due customer or for assistance to collect that much need accounts receivable revenue, John Brewington managing member of Paladin Investigations can provide it.

John Brewington is a Private Investigator licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety and is partnered with Creditors Rights Attorneys across the nation. “The economy and bad choices have made it necessary for creditors and attorneys to come to us to not only find skipped debtors but also to locate where bank accounts and other assets are”, explained Mr. Brewington.

Paladin Investigations has been hired by banks to recover collateral from motor homes to motorcycles as well as conducting mortgage fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies.

Our tag line is “There Are No Secrets” said John and there is a reason for that. “Even other private investigators come to us for information that they can’t get”. Having resources others don’t have helps Paladin Investigations to stay competitive and provide a quality service to their clients.

January 20th 2014 Paladin Investigations recovers two hard to repo autos on behalf of one of our favorite clients, a title loan company.


Paladin Investigations has been hired to conduct mortgage fraud investigations! Because of our experience in rooting out fraud and graft Paladin Investigations is now representing insurance companies in the quest to legitimize claims filed from foreclosures. Arizona is quickly becoming a hotbed for this activity and the general public is being penalized as a result.

John Brewington has completed several professional development courses including “Providing Dynamic & Convincing Testimony”.  I look forward to using it real soon.


Litigation Support

Taking a break from my trying day.


Oh Boy

John Brewington the qualified party and managing member of Paladin Investigations has been working in the legal field for years and is highly praised by legal counsel that hire his firm.

“There are no secrets is our tag line, said Mr. Brewington. Technology and experience combined help us achieve the goals of our clients. We are also fortunate through professional associations to have the resources of former federal prosecutors and law enforcement that in turn come to us for advice”.

Paladin Investigations also provides other community services with pro bono representation of the indigent. Mr. Brewington is quick to point out “Giving back to the community is what got us started and we look forward to providing assistance to those who need a Paladin”.

A social weekend I am just recovering from.  Met up with some pals of the motorcycle variety Friday night and it was birthday celebrations all around. Saturday was more drinks with my attorney and friend. I am getting too old for this but I enjoy the idea that I have genuine friends…lots of them.
Car show at a local church.  I like my vette but it really didn’t match up to some of the wheels represented.  Here’s photo of some of my favorites.

Car show


Paladin Investigations is a full service Private Investigation Agency based in Chandler Arizona. John Brewington is the managing member and licensed Arizona Private Investigator in the Phoenix, AZ metroplex.

We have all the state of the art equipment and experience to facilitate a successful outcome in your case. That experience includes surveillance, skip tracing, back ground checks, workers compensation, fraud, infidelity, creditor’s rights and civil litigation.

Paladin Investigations will not break the law or assist you to do so. We will not invade privacy which can include the insertion of software into a computer that is not in your control. We will not film sensitive areas of an abode such as bedrooms. We will not provide you the contents of a cell phone that is not in your control. We will not provide to you the cell phone records of others.


As your Arizona Private Investigator we are happy to help you find that missing person, whether for a class reunion or just to catch up on old times. Many times our constantly updated databases allow us to find who are looking for in just seconds.

Paladin Investigations can find people’s phone numbers, addresses, and more with state of the art technology and databases.

A person who has gone missing can often be found through a process known as skip tracing. There are many reasons a person may disappear. Bad debts, abusive home life and mental illness are just a few of the reasons why thousands of people disappear each year. Skip tracing investigators use a number of techniques to locate missing people.

Paladin Investigations



Looking for a Phoenix Private Investigator? Looking for a Chandler Private Investigator? Looking for a Tempe Private Invesitgator? Looking for a Mesa Private Investigator? Looking for an Ahwatukee Private Investigator? Looking for an Scottsdale Private Investigator? We service all of Arizona! Arizona Cheaters Service.

Do you suspect infidelity in your relationship? Paladin Investigation  has state of the art technology that can help you find the answers. Trust your instincts and protect your heart and assets.We are able to provide you with reports of exact locations of the subject. That includes minors that you need to keep close tabs on.Want to know where they have been? We can tell you. Want to know who they have been with? We can tell you that too! State of the art GPS technologies allow us to track movements in real time. Location mapping reports movements and how long they have been at a location.

Due to the secretive nature of affairs it is hard to get a definitive percentage of how many people cheat.  Estimates range from; 22% of men and 14% of women have an affair to 65% of men and 55% of women have an affair depending on the study.  As many as 70% of affairs are not discovered.  Suspicion of adultery can destroy a marriage even if no one is cheating.

Fortunately modern technology has given us a reliable inexpensive way to relieve suspicion or confirm fears. As hard as it can be to know if your loved one is having an affair it is usually harder dealing with uncertainty.