Darren Meade wants to sell you on the idea he is an investigator.  His last client, Tracy Richter is still doing life for murder. Well wait, she wasn’t a client, she was an opportunity.  Darren M Meade has no investigative experience and was hired specifically to harm the reputations of those that opposed the business model of Ripoff Report, Darren Meades employer.  Tracy Richter was nothing more than an opportunity to do harm.  You might start to understand his game when you read this.


The Great Meade

This is Darren Meade

Here is one of his latest resume’.  You will find nothing about professional experience as an investigative reporter.  The address is complete fiction.

Darren Meade wants to sell you he is a reporter though he has had no training and is not credentialed by any professional organization.  He is a paid writer of fake news for Ripoff Report and for himself.  The veracity of what he writes is meaningless so long as it’s harmful.  Here is a link to items that describe him.

With some searching you will find he has been hired to harass litigants into settling or walking away from lawsuits.  You will find reports of his being arrested for rape and auto theft.  Several law enforcement agencies have open reports on him running from Medical fraud to rape and auto theft.  When confronted by law enforcement he is quick to blame those who in the past have tried to bring him to justice.

Are you thinking of hiring Darren Meade based upon his promises?  Here’s what you need to know.  Several of his past employers became objects of his vitriol by way of negative posts on social media.  The theme is always the same, he is owed wages and he takes to the internet to extort his victims into compliance, however the items posted on the internet are under alias and bare no semblance to his own experience or lack thereof.  It’s just extortion.

Currently he is on the run from process servers as a result of being named as a defendant in a $60,000,000.00 tort.

He may try to sell you he lives at a high end address and even puts it on applications.  It’s a lie.  Meals he claims to be eating, it’s a lie.  Places he is claiming to visit, it’s a lie.  That’s what Conmen do.  They create fiction to lure you in.  Even his former boss at Ripoff Report calls him a conman albeit a bad one.

If you have found this post, good for you.  You’re spending important time investigating before you get involved.


$60,000,000.00 judgment entered against Darent Meade.  While he liked to pontificate on Twitter regarding his position as a reputation hitman, it seems he didn’t feel that position was strong enough to defend it in court.  See judgment.