Social Waterboarding is a term I think I coined, but if another claims it, I apologize for the error.  My definition is the use of social media:

  • To force another to comply with the wishes of one producing the material either financial or other manner through fear.
  • The use of social media to force another to change direction on an investigation or lawsuit on through fear.
  • To use social media in an act of vengeance to put up an economic embargo on the party being written about and to foster psychological, emotional and financial damage.

This story easily in my opinion be called COERCION.  Wikipedia definition is here, but here is a thumbnail:



In psychological coercion, the threatened injury regards the victim’s relationships with other people. The most obvious example is blackmail, where the threat consists of the dissemination of damaging information. However, many other types are possible e.g. So-called “emotional blackmail“, which typically involves threats of rejection from or disapproval by a peer-group, or creating feelings of guilt/obligation via a display of anger or hurt by someone whom the victim loves or respects. Another example is coercive persuasion.


Pedagogic and thought

At the other extreme of the spectrum one finds attempts to use coercion altruistically, as a pedagogical device to improve – in some supposedly objective sense – the way other people think, with particular regard to their basic attitudes and values. Pedagogic coercion may be applied within a strictly educational context, and it is then mostly directed towards children. In this article, however, attention will focus on thought coercion, i.e. The attempt to use coercion to affect the basic values of grown-up people in general.

In all forms of thought coercion the immediate objective is to force other people to act as if their basic choice rules were identical to those of the coercing party. However, this mere conformity of “outward” behavior is but a first step. The true and final aim of thought coercion is t


Word count: 3889

o induce a change in the victim’s objective function itself, i.e. the basic set of values and rules by which the victim determines his or her own choice among the alternatives of any feasible set. Thought coercion is thus generally meant to be only temporary. Once the desired change in values has been brought about, the victim is expected to conform spontaneously, without any need for further coercion.

Whether and under what conditions this final aim can in fact be stably achieved is a difficult question, and it will be considered in the section devoted to the effects of coercion. Here it is necessary to point out that, whatever its effectiveness, thought coercion has in fact been used very extensively throughout history.


This story for the most part is about the websites that exist where a person can post their reviews and/or opinions about a person, business or an event in their lives.  The people that post on these websites may have had a bad experience at a restaurant, plumber, a doctor or any other profession. Had a bad experience with a boyfriend? You also  can go to any amount of websites and post your experiences about them. You have a competitor that’s more successful than you? Yes, you can even go on to websites and post false reviews about them in the hopes that will drive traffic to your business. What to boost your own rankings in the community? Yes, you could even go on websites and do that.


I have mixed feelings about the usefulness of these websites. Clearly, it seems in the best interest of the American public for them to be able to make a wise choice about where they would like to dine on Friday night or if the puppy they’re about the buy comes from a reputable breeder. The Internet has become a cesspool of disinformation and how does one really tell if who they’re dealing with is reputable or not? My personal choice in life is to try not to judge other people, but if I have to I tend to look at it in terms of good people do bad things and bad people do good things. If I have to judge I would choose to look at the totality of their life and not just an event. You will see in this story that those that don’t wish to be exposed here will focus on a single moment of your life and try to make that a defining event. It’s up to you really if you’re going to let that happen.


What you’re going to see in this story is an idea that went horribly bad. One of the characters within had an event in 1995 where some of his peers were allegedly ripped off from professionals in the entertainment industry. It seems it became a righteous cause for him to expose the underbelly of those that caused harm to his friends, however;  you’re also going to see the same person created a post on the website that he worked for that accuses the mother of his children of having multiple STDs, being of bad character and listed her Social Security number for the world to use.  The same website claims they vet the information being posted to ensure that personal information like Social Security numbers are removed, though oddly in this case that didn’t take place.


These websites are a microcosm of society. Sometimes people with borderline personality disorders, choose to use the sites in an act of vengeance. People with the best of intentions but little knowledge choose to take their soapbox into the nearest complaint site and scream out their nonsense in spite of any conventional wisdom that would disprove their point. People don’t know what they don’t know, but they have freedom of speech under the Constitution, to a point.. As my friend and attorney Chris Ingle has pointed out in more than one lawsuit, you can’t go into a theater and scream fire.


So what are the consequences of negative information being posted on consumer sites? I can’t imagine that a 19-year-old girl being the object of scorn in Tupper Lake New York for having herpes and sleeping with multiple partners has a good feeling about this. Likely this is an event that will stay with her forever. Lately there have been court cases where the cyber bullies are being prosecuted as a result of the cataclysmic harm they’ve done to their victims. Imagine the feelings of the children of the woman posted about previously when they read  about their mother painted in such a vile light.  How will they feel about their father when they understand he was the one that created the information that maligned their mother?


What harm does it do to a business you might ask? If looked at as intellectual property a website or domain can be compared to a brick-and-mortar establishment. You build it from the ground up, you create the content in such a way that it’s appreciated by search engines and the public that uses it and you optimize it so that it has a strong appearance on the Internet. There is a value to a website like this. Someday a person may choose to sell their business and the website brings value to the sale. Just like a brick-and-mortar building if vandals choose to continue spraying graffiti on it the value of the domain or website diminishes greatly. I’m sure someone somewhere has quantified what the number is.


People also choose to use these websites as a form of indirect communication. They use it as a warning or threat. They use it in an attempt to strike fear in another person so that they will discontinue whatever actions that are offensive to the poster. Many times the information they post is designed to cause economic harm to another business or person and or dry up their financial resources so that they’re unable to pay for litigation that results in the defamation that was created. The postings are designed to create emotional devastation which would cause a person to discontinue their pursuit.  You’re going to see in this book that this pain is emotional currency for the owner of one of these sites.


Having looked at this for the past seven years I can tell you that the sword you wield will be the sword that will cut you. Put it another way “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you”. The Golden rule. If you choose to go out of the Internet and say things about another person  you should know that it’s likely the same things going to happen to you. There are tracking mechanisms that I may talk about later on that will help someone like me find you.  My particular  rule of thumb is think three times before you say or write something. Certainly don’t do it when you’ve had a few drinks.


A brief explanation of how all this works is the ability of these websites to get their content to the front page of Google. So if you are the scorn of a jilted lover who chooses to post about you, your name and/or your business name and the sexually transmitted disease that you allegedly gave to her will be on the front page of Google. It’s a billion-dollar business getting people to the front page. Anyone with a business wants to be there when somebody types in the product that they specialize in. Imagine spending huge amounts of money to get your business on the front page of Google only to have that placement usurped by a complaint created by someone who’s had a bad moment with you. Put yourself in the shoes of a person applying for a job who was turned down when they discover reports about them being a sexual predator in spite of no adjudication. To even consider the idea of an undergrad being denied entrance to grad school as a result of the social media that was posted about them.


All of the websites that I’m familiar with will remove these negative posts under certain conditions. One of those conditions is to pay them a sum of money to have it removed. I have been successful at getting complaints removed from several sites simply by showing that a court or law enforcement agency has established that the defamation created on their site was as a result of a criminal or tortious act though I generally won’t intervene unless those conditions exist. I think I can count on one hand how many times that I’ve done this. From my perspective, removing purposely incorrect information is the right thing to do. I should make it clear that Ripoff Report who will be the primary subject in this story has claimed they never remove posts which we know today is simply not true. They are adamant that they never take money to remove a post. Whether that’s true or not will remain to be seen as events unfold. There is of course the Putt Putt video that alleges that a post could be removed for a sum of money. Ed Magedson, the owner of ripoff report denies this vehemently which will be discussed later in this book.


If one were to Google the name Paladin Investigations, they would find a post on the Ripoff Report. It’s really not very specific just that my PI agency is ineffectual. This same complaint appeared on several other websites and it was established that it was created by a man named Kevin Sianez. A story written about Mr. Sianez can be found here. As you’ll see in the story Mr. Sianez was acting as an unlicensed private investigator based out of California. He created false positive listings on social media and  would change his company name as members of the Internet community posted negative items about the previous company name. Mr. Sianez would advertise throughout the United States for private investigation services and when a client hired him, he would subcontract out that work to a private investigator in the appropriate state or sometimes he would just take the money and not provide a service at all. The private investigator would do the work and submit a bill to Sianez only to go unpaid. When we brought attention to the world community via the Internet Mr. Sianez used the same sword to cut back at us. Eventually law enforcement was convinced to file a complaint against him and his computers were seized which uncovered his prolific Internet smear campaign against me and my peers. Armed with that information, and the indictment I was able to convince all websites except the Ripoff Report to remove the defamatory information created to harm all of us who chose to stand up to this bully. While this is my personal story, it is an example of how this system works and it could easily be anyone’s story.


So why are these websites not held responsible for the wanton destruction caused by another? Simply put, it’s the Communications Decency Act (CDA) that gives immunity to websites whose content was created by third parties. If the website isn’t creating the content or editing it to exacerbate the negativity of the complaint, you can’t look at them for recourse rather you have to go after the poster of the information. But how do you find out who did that?


To post content on these websites you need to register. Some of it information you provide may be a phone number and address and e-mail address and you can then be given a handle and/or an avatar to identify yourself in the postings. Clearly, it would be very easy to use any name you wanted as your handle so that you could not be identified. You should know whenever you log into a website that cookies are being collected and your IP address shows up as well as your Mac address and the type of browser you’re using such as Internet Explorer and even whether your processor is Intel or AMD. That IP address will come from your router and generally identify what city that router is located. So if I am creating a profile and even though I’m saying I’m in Los Angeles, California the IP address for the router I’m using will show up at the city location I’m really in and will go as far as the internet service provider, such as Cox Communications who would then have to be compelled through a court order to provide the information of the person that was assigned that IP address.


To get around that sort of identification people will use proxy servers. A proxy server allows you to log into another computer which will then connect to the website that you’re trying to access. The IP address of the computer that connected will be the one that shows up. Depending on the proxy server you’re using, the IP address might appear in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Europe, Africa where ever.  Some folks will use a disposable e-mail address so that can’t be traced back to them either. You’re going to read in this book incidents where employees of the Ripoff Report were going to Kinko’s so they can post information without it leading back to them. You’re also going to see another employee was using a proxy server in Russia to post information.


A little about me and how I came to be here today.  Without addressing issues from my childhood, which I suppose we could all spend an inappropriate amount of time doing, I don’t like bullies.  I don’t like being pushed around.  I don’t like people trying to make me feel afraid or ashamed, hell I can do that all by myself.  That’s the good news.  I feel all those things naturally most particularly shame.  Regret.


I have included items you will need to know the definitions of before we get to the meat.  Below you will see the state’s interpretation of the duties of a private investigator. It’s pretty broad but in its simplistic form I am allowed to investigate libel and slander, both items exist in the social “consumer advocates” web sites.  I have a complete legal right to look into the affairs of all parties concerned.


It should be known that I became a private investigator specifically to satisfy the law and to obtain an insurance policy that would protect me when I got sued, not if, when. I knew I would and I did, something that will be talked about here. Dangle insurance bait in front someone with a history of insurance fraud and you’re sure to get a bite.



This is a definition you will need to understand before we go very far in the novela.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is also known as psychopathy or
Sociopathy. Individuals with this disorder have little regard for the
feeling and welfare of others. As a clinical diagnosis it is usually
limited to those over age 18. It can be diagnosed in younger people
if the they commit isolated antisocial acts and do not show signs of
another mental disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is chronic, beginning in adolescence
and continuing throughout adulthood. There are ten general

  • not learning from experience
  • no sense of responsibility
  • inability to form meaningful relationships
  • inability to control impulses
  • lack of moral sense
  • chronically antisocial behavior
  • no change in behavior after punishment
  • emotional immaturity
  • lack of guilt
  • self-centeredness

People with this disorder may exhibit criminal behavior. They may
not work. If they do work, they are frequently absent or may quit
suddenly. They do not consider other people’s wishes, welfare or
rights. They can be manipulative and may lie to gain personal
pleasure or profit. They may default on loans, fail to provide child
support, or fail to care for their dependents adequately. High risk
sexual behavior and substance abuse are common. Impulsiveness,
failure to plan ahead, aggressiveness, irritability, irresponsibility,
and a reckless disregard for their own safety and the safety of
others are traits of the antisocial personality.

Socioeconomic status, gender, and genetic factors play a role.
Males are more likely to be antisocial than females. Those from
lower socioeconomic groups are more susceptible. A family history
of the disorder puts one at higher risk.

There are many theories about the cause of Antisocial Personality
Disorder including experiencing neglectful parenting as a child, low
levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, and belief that
antisocial behavior is justified because of difficult circumstances.
Psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy are common
treatments. The effects of medical treatment are inconclusive.
Unfortunately, most people with Antisocial Personality Disorder
reject treatment. Therefore, recovery rates are low.


Since I’ll be discussing some of the legal counsel involved in the subject, it’s important to know who they are and what they are about.   They think they have immunity because they would have a reasonable expectation their client is telling the truth and there is a legitimate cause of action.  After reading what I present, you can decide whether the attorneys know torts and crimes are being committed and are using the court system to harass and intimidate.  The Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery has suggested attorneys carry firearms because a few have taken Shakespeare’s words too literally.  I have noticed that attorneys also fear the internet gun.  People can now use the internet to take up their issues with rouge attorneys.  Let me be crystal clear in my position.  If you choose to tell a falsehood about me either on purpose or accident  to further your case against me or another, I am going to make your life very difficult.  I do not recognize judicial immunity.

Taken from Wikipedia

Judicial Immunity is a form of legal immunity immunity, which protects judges and others employed by the judiciary from lawsuits brought against them for judicial actions, no matter how incompetent, negligent, or malicious such conduct might be, even if this conduct is in violation of statutes.

For example, a judge is not liable for a slander or libel suit for statements made about someone during a trial.

The purpose of judicial immunity is twofold: it encourages judges to act in a “fair and just” manner, without regard to the possible extrinsic harms their acts may cause outside of the scope of their judicial work. It protects government workers from harassment from those whose interests they might negatively affect.

Judicial immunity does not protect judges from suits stemming from administrative decisions made while off the bench, like hiring and firing decisions. But immunity generally does extend to all judicial decisions in which the judge has proper jurisdiction, even if a decision is made with “corrupt or malicious intent.”[1]

Note, however, that, while the judiciary may be immune from lawsuits involving their actions, they may still be subject to criminal prosecutions. For example, when West Virginia judge Troisi became irritated with a rude defendant, he stepped down from the bench, took off his robe, and bit the defendant on the nose. He spent five days in jail and was put on probation.[2]

Historically, judicial immunity was associated with the English common law idea that “the King can do no wrong.” (Compare Sovereign immunity.) Judges, the King’s delegates for dispensing justice, accordingly “ought not to be drawn into question for any supposed corruption [for this tends] to the slander of the justice of the King.”[3]


Legal Definition of a Private Investigator (ARS §32-2401-16)
(a) Furnish, agree to make or make any investigation for the purpose of obtaining information with reference to:

 (i) Crime or wrongs done or threatened against the United States or any state or territory of the United States.
(ii) The identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation or character of any person or group of persons.
(iii) The credibility of witnesses or other persons.
(iv) The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned property or escheated property or heirs to estates.
(v) The location or recovery of lost or stolen property.
(vi) The causes and origin of, or responsibility for, a fire, libel, slander, a loss, an accident, damage or an injury to real or personal property.
(b) Secure evidence to be used before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or in the trial of civil or criminal cases and the preparation therefor.
(c) Investigate threats of violence and provide the service of protection of individuals from serious bodily harm or death.

Copyright © 2013 by John Brewington

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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For a number of years I have been investigating the “consumer advocate” industry.  There will be revisions to the story so be patient.  All your questions will be answered.

This is the post that lawyers and law enforcement will find helpful when I get everything up… well, I shouldn’t say everything, I never show all my cards.

First I present the reader with many hours of entertainment via Danny Scalf aka (Frank Torelli) aka (Harry Winchester) and ED Magedson.  These recordings are public record.  And who the hell is Gwione in 6B?  I’ll figure it out an get back to you.  Ah, I got it now… it’s Cleone Kunich aka Bowen, who appears to be James Rogers and Eric Skelling’s handler.  Also on the payroll is Danica who has quite an interesting history.

To be clearI do this only because the truth won’t be told otherwise and there should be a level playing field.  I have zero emotional currency on how any of the players feel about what will come out of this.  In other words I don’t care how they feel and it doesn’t give me a vicarious thrill if they are in pain from the truth.  This story is about vengeance, but not from me. There is no doubt I will be targeted and harassed by those that do not want this story told.

It is my fervent hope that the attorneys spend hours and hours going through these recordings.  And just when you thought this was it… there’s more.

So who and what is The Ripoff Report?  According to the Arizona Corporation Commission  Xcentric Ventures, LLC, the corporate parent of Ripoff Report has two members.  Ed Magedson and Creative Business Investment Concepts, Inc a Nevada Corporation.  According to the Nevada Secretary of States office, David J Bedore is the President and has a Nevada address which is normal.  Sometimes people register in Nevada because they think they’re hiding. David J Bedore lives in Tupper Lake, NY and according to an interview with Nichole Bedore, Davids ex-wife, he met Ed years ago when David was quite young.  David is one of the boys that “helped” Ed with some rehab projects in Tupper Lake, NY and is currently receiving checks from Xcentric Ventures payable to Creative Business Investment Concepts.

In some internet writing you will see that Ripoff Report started out with the best of intentions which is nonsense.  If you spend enough time researching you will see Ed Magedson claims it came about due to circumstances of lawsuits that went badly for him in both New York and Arizona.  He lost, appealed and lost again.  Not being one to accept the ruling of the people Ed chose to take his meandering paranoia to the internet to extract his revenge.

Many, if not all intellectual property is owned by Duck Bites Holdings, LLC an Arizona corporation and a check of the Arizona Secretary of States office you will find a UCC1 with Jaburg & Wilk on it.  Duck Bites is basically a alter ego if Xcentric ventures and is the funding source for Verified Safe.

They will tell you that Ripoff Report is an “interactive website” that allows users to post comments and that Ripoff Report is immune from liability via (Communications Decency Act) for the posting of third parties unless certain conditions exist that I will discuss later.  My investigations have helped me form an opinion.  Ripoff Report is a defamation and lawsuit delivery device.  I believe I can show that the name of the site elicits defamation.  The founder Ed Magedson and his employees solicit defamation and its employees create defamation for the purposes of drawing in more defamation so that Ripoff Report investigations and legal services can be sold to law firms and are nothing more than an attempt to get around a lawyers ethical restriction from direct solicitation.  If that is the case, in my opinion, there is no CDA immunity.  How is that important?  Xcentric Ventures aka Ripoff Report has won it’s cases by filing a motion to dismiss based upon the CDA.  If my opinion based upon the evidence is right, there is good reason to expect that a smart lawyer will use this to get their lawsuit set for trial which according to David Gingras Esq. Legal counsel to Xcentirc Ventures, will force them into bankruptcy from the litigation costs alone.

It should be noted that many of the key players here were never disclosed in any litigation in the past and as you read you’ll start to understand why.

For the moment the registered agent is Maria Crimi Speth, who is a lawyer for Jaburg & Wilk.  The registered agent has changed over the years and there was in my opinion a concerted effort by the attorneys involved to circumvent the court system by making it very difficult to serve both Ed Magedson and the corporation.  At one point John F. Goodson Esq. Was the registered agent, but that being changed to G. Peter Busnack whose address was listed as Reeeves Moutain, Arizona.  Newspaper articles reflect that Peter “Bigfoot” Busnack and Goodson are friends and Busnacks runs a desert survival camp in a remote area.  One of my professional peers had to serve process on Xcentric Ventures and were forced to ride into the camp on ATVs to get to Busnack.  I am pretty certain this was all by design.

There are other players in the group that will be mentioned as we go along and are listed here as a point of reference.


Edward aka ED aka Eddie Magedson aka Ed Hoyt

And here is what Bill O’Reilly has to say:



James P. Rogers

Was both Eds personal assistant and an employee of Xcentric Ventures. LLC and as of this date is serving time in prison, the latest charge was writing a check on his mothers account.  Past crimes included sexual indecency with a minor and failure to report, which placed him on Arizona’s sex offender registry.  Public record and my interviews showed Rogers had a consistent meth and gambling addiction.  According to Rogers mother, he lived intermediately with Ed Magedson.  Public record will reflect an intimacy between the two.  In this recording you will hear James Rogers discuss how ED Magedson would give him a script and send him to Kinkos with instructions to create a Ripoff Report post and/or to add to existing posts.  Embellish if you likeHERE.


You would think with all the lawsuits that has taken place this would be an important witness for the opposing counsel to depose… If only he were disclosed. I certainly would’ve liked to have a crack at him in my multi-year litigation with Ripoff Report. I didn’t know he existed until one day I received a phone call from him suggesting he would like to sell me the location of where Ed Magedson lived. I was pretty clear with him that I had no interest in that information in part because my attorneys had at that point already won our motion to dismiss in the lawsuit. While I fully understood it was the nature of Ed to appeal these matters, I was keenly interested in determining whether James Rogers knew or participated in any of the false claims that Magedson and his attorneys asserted in both the lawsuit and the false complaints on my license and with law enforcement agencies,so I set up a meeting with him.  Pay close attention to my statement about false police reports.  It will come up again and they like to use those in civil litigation as a form of harassment and intimidation.


James Rogers and I met at Bill Johnson’s Big Apple in Mesa Arizona. I’d made it very clear to him that I would be taping the conversation the results of which would go to law enforcement agencies. Rogers is rather slight in frame and I did not perceive him to be a stupid person, but certainly had educational challenges attributed most likely by his long-term love affair with co-dependencies and long term incarceration. I immediately made him aware that I was interested only in the truth and not what he thought I wanted to hear from him. I also made him aware that he was a discreditable witness, but that the information he would provide would be vetted by me which might prove of some worth. Generally speaking, anyone with a felony conviction within the previous 10 years could easily be discounted as a credible witness. James had been out of prison barely a year. That notwithstanding his veracity was apparently appreciated by Ed Magedson and his lawyers when they got a declaration from him and deposed him which would go  into the public record. If my memory serves me he had just smoked meth within the previous 30 hours, which means, of course it was still in his bloodstream.


James indicated that he had previously worked for Ed Magedson in part for the creation of the book Ripoff Revenge and that his the name appears in the credits.  As you can hear from the previous recording attributed to him, he was clearly also creating content at the behest of Ed. James says in his interview that he was just “hanging out” when he met Ed.  According to James his responsibilities as EDs personal assistant included cooking for him, taking care of his dog, putting him to bed at night after too many drinks, and being his “friend”, which is also the duties of Eric Schilling.  There is also an uncanny resemblance between the two. My opinion is they were Magedsons house bitches or cabana boys.  He also managed The Ripoff Report Legal Directory and you can see he has an email with the domain. The recording of James’s interview is incendiary and I have to side on caution about releasing this.  It’s disturbing.


When the aforementioned recordings were uploaded to the Internet a state of panic rippled through ED Magedson’s law firm and him. Keep in mind James and subsequently his mother, confirmed to me that he intermittently resided with Magedson. Rogers was on the Arizona sex offenders website for sexual indecency with a minor and was required to notify the Mesa sex crimes unit of his residency. On the record it reflected that he resided with his parents in Mesa, however when ED realized that Rogers had just turned over extremely damaging information about him and the Ripoff Report he called the Mesa sex crimes unit and reported that James Rogers was not living at the address on his registry. Not only did James Rogers confirm this, but I spoke to the Mesa sex crimes unit and they knew it was ED.  Can you imagine how Ed’s neighbors would’ve felt had they known a registered sex offender was living next door to them?


I mentioned panic in the law firm so much so that Rogers complained bitterly that Adam Kunz Esq, a Jaburg & Wilk lawyer was phoning and visiting him in an attempt to get him to change his statements. A declaration regarding Adam Kunz witness tampering can be seen here. It was shortly after the recorded interview with James Rogers that he was provided a sum of money from Ripoff Report described as his back wages. Very quickly after that and while still under the euphoria of his meth high they had James make a declaration and they deposed him.  In the deposition, James claimed that he had in an affection for Ed Magedson and that he was woefully sorry about turning on his friend. James further explained that I had paid him to lie about Ed in spite of the fact that I’m on tape telling him to only tell the truth. James also made a claim that an unknown man in a white truck met him at a location which might be construed as Ed house and gave him $2600 for creating defamation about Ed. It was also claimed that this unknown man took James Rogers cell phone, called Ed and demanded he give James Rogers $50,000 or terrible things would happen.  It was of course alleged that I created that event.  I assert it never even happened and that it was just another creation of EDs to try and force me into a capitulation through the appeal process or to harass and intimidate me.  Part of that harassment and intimidation included James Rogers in what I believe was ED Magedson’s behest, went into a website popular with Ed bashers and claimed that I came on to James along with other defamatory statements. I don’t think anyone really took this seriously, but it certainly does show how they operate. I guess in hindsight, if I were a sociopathic homosexual that likes to exploit the fruits of boys and young men, James Rogers would be the kind of guy that I would want working for me and living in my house. I am none of those.


Some of the other claims that James Rogers made was that Ed was using debit cards that were in the name of Ripoff Reports Tech Guy Ben Smith. That he also had burner phones that had been purchased by Ben Smith. That the utilities for the house that Ed resided in were in the name of Ben Smith. And that Ben’s wife Kim had been the bookkeeper for Xcentric Ventures till some sort of falling out.  Maybe true, maybe not. What he also claimed, is that Ed had several laptop computers in his house, a few of them disposable in the event a seizure order was made. James Rogers alleges that Maria Speth told him that if anything happens to ED, Rogers is to gather the computers and deliver them to her. Rogers even indicated that Ed had him apply to a local telemarketing company that had a great deal of press both in conventional news reporting agencies but also in the Ripoff Report. Rogers claims that he did go to work there expressly to obtain the companies’ proprietary scripts and other paperwork at the behest of ED. Rogers claims that he was caught e-mailing himself the company material and was fired, this information I was able to confirm with the telemarketing firm.


I have to tell you, initially I felt some sympathy for James Rogers. This is a young man with lots of demons who had just spent a good portion of his life in prison and will have to bear the yoke of being a registered sex offender the rest of his life. My thoughts were he had about a 1% chance of staying out of prison. In our conversations Rogers had mentioned his desire to go to school to better himself to become more than the labels that had been attached to him. I’m not stupid, but I thought perhaps with a random act of kindness he might have a 2% chance of staying out of prison. I gave him a bicycle, I didn’t use anymore and a Net-book purchased from Walmart to help him with his school work. I’m pretty certain he pawned both items for meth money. I don’t feel foolish about showing him some compassion. He after all, has been exploited by those who like young men with co-dependencies. And if I have to error I would choose to make that errs on the side of kindness.


James Rogers stole a check from his mother and cashed it for just over $400. He was sentenced to prison for over four years as a result of being a repeat offender. He is another person who is been thrown away and used by those who could have had a positive impact on him. Someday he will get out. Maybe he’ll go to work for Ed again.


Eric Skelling

As I write this Eric Skelling is being prosecuted for more felonies.  The latest action is a mental health examination which produced differing opinions from two doctors.  Skelling is on disability due to a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.  The courts want to insure in is mentally fit.  This is important to understand as you read about his relationship with Ed Magedson.

 aka Frenchy is also from Tupper Lake and one of the boys helping ED Magedson.  He lived with Ed in the Apache Junction property till he was evicted.  Depositions and interviews will show he too is an abuser of Meth and had a personal relationship with John Unger and Ed Magedson.  According to Eric’s mother, he and David Bedore were childhood friends.  Eric’s brother Steve as well.  Eric Skelling accused me of harassing him three times with a gun and a badge, even shooting out a tire though, according to 911 reports, no call was ever made to police..  This claim was dismissed quickly by The Department of Public Safety who investigates these matters.  Skelling was deposed and it was a disaster for him.  In this article you will see his connection to Tupper Lake and his early career in crime.   This one too, and this one.  The timeline suggests Eric would have been maybe 14 or 15 years old when he met Ed.


Aside from his New York brushes with the law if one were to check the Arizona Supreme Court they would find quite a history for Frenchy.  Charges include unlawful means of transportation, aggravated assault knowing the victim is a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest using physical force on a police officer, effective means of transportation knowing that it was stolen. This particular event is where they caught him in a wash with the stolen ATV, an event that sent him to prison.  Subsequent arrests included disorderly conduct, failure to appear, displaying a fictitious license and a slew of other crimes and traffic citations.  One very important cause of action, J-1107-CV-20060689 listed as Magedson vs Skelling which was filed April 4, 2006 and is a forcible detainer action,(eviction). This is a pretty important event and date because Skelling claimed that I showed up three separate times to the address that he had then evicted from six months previously. How does that happen? It doesn’t really have to make any sense, so long as it’s something you can put in writing, file 3 complaints on my private investigators license and use the same perjury in a civil claim to try to influence the courts that the torts alleged against me had merit when in fact they did not.


Ed  was somewhat of a mystery at that point in time and I thought that no one would know him better than a person that had been living with him and who may have hard feelings over being evicted, so I made my way up to Apache Junction to see what Eric had to say. The address on McDowell Road is right at the base of the superstition Mountains and is on a dirt road with houses on one side and preserve on the other. When I went up there I noticed there were no numbers on the mailboxes so actually never even made it as far as the address that Magedson and Skelling lived in.  The house that I thought was Ed actually is owned by the John Unger’s father. On the corner of the road sat a house and I stopped there and asked the resident if he knew Eric and Ed to which he responded neither Crazy Ed nor Eric was living in that house anymore. He indicated he thought Eric was living in a trailer within a 1 mile proximity but wasn’t sure exactly where. The neighbor did tell me that the property was up for sale and gave me the name of the realtor who was handling it. When I made a visit to the realtor, she acknowledged that neither Ed nor Eric was living on the property and didn’t know for sure where they were.  I guess the point here is it becomes rather difficult for me to accost someone with a badge and a gun when they don’t even live at the location they claimed I showed up at.


It wasn’t till some months later that I went back up to the McDowell property and interviewed other neighbors. It was these neighbors that provided me with the John Unger flyer and provided some information that would prove to be useful later on including the relationship between Eric and Ed. It was then that I learned that Eric Skilling was sitting in the Pinal County detention Center waiting to be transported to an Arizona Department of Corrections facility for the charge I mentioned in the above paragraph.


I drove down to Florence with the idea of interviewing Frenchy and when he came down to the holding cell and I identified myself he made it very clear that he didn’t want to talk to me and had the jailers remove him. I found it curious. It was after this of course that one of Magedson’s attorneys showed up and obtained the perjured statement from Skelling alleging that I’d been up on the property that he was no longer living at and threatening him.


I can remember vividly during my first deposition with Maria Crimi Speth that she asked me specifically about my visit to Magedson’s property and if I had knocked on the door. She had asked about a Motorhome being parked on the property which I knew nothing about because I’d never been to the property. When I told her that I had never seen Eric Skelling prior to my visit to the jail I recall vividly she squirmed in her chair as if her Depends had just filled up with 10 gallons of water. I also recall asking her pointedly, “Are you telling me Eric Skelling says I visited him?”   Her response was “I’ll ask the questions”.


What’s really important about all this will be a prevailing theme in future events is that the law firm gets perjured statements from Ed’s convict associates that no judge would ever allow in front of a jury and throws them in complaints against professional licenses in addition to bolstering any civil complaint that they have.  The Department of Public Safety completely dismissed Skellings statement.  As we see in the events with James Rogers, there is a pattern of getting criminal associates to file false statements in affidavits in an effort to discredit, intimidate, and harass witnesses.


It seems after Eric was released from prison, he needed a place to go and it appears that he returned to the McDowell property to live in a Motorhome. My attorneys needed to have him served with an appearance for deposition and I had to ascertain where he was staying. When I returned to the area I again interviewed a neighbor who had a great deal of information about Ed and Eric was told that Eric had returned and that he would see him frequently driving up and down the street on a red motorcycle. It was then that I learned that the house I thought was Magedson’s was in fact another’s and that Magedson’s house had burned down some months previously.  When I made my way up to Magedson’s address I was then able to see that the motor home was parked on the property and the red motorcycle was parked behind it. The information was provided to the sheriffs department and they perfected the service.


The circumstances of the fire intrigued me. It was clear that the property had been up for sale for quite a period of time and there were no takers at that point. The real estate market was in real slump, which didn’t help matters. I had investigated many mortgage fraud cases by this time and it occurred to me that if one couldn’t sell their property and needed to get out from underneath the payments arson would be a way to go. So I pulled the report from the Apache Junction fire department. It seems that the cause of the fire was attributed to a rodent getting in the fuse box and shorting it out, at least that was a story Ed told. The only one that was on the property at the time was Eric Skelling and when firefighters arrived, they had to call law enforcement in to restrain him because he was out of his mind, presumably on drugs.  In my interview with James Rogers it was disclosed that Eric had come into a sum of money and had disappeared.


I had cause to go up to the property one more time after that with an Apache Junction police detective. A bank robbery had occurred in Apache Junction and the make and model of the vehicle used was allegedly seen in the neighborhood at Magedson’s property. The neighbors called me and I called the detective working the case. He and I drove up there and then went to the house that Eric frequented that was known for selling narcotics.  It was a meth house and Skelling was seen coming and going several times.


Lately he has been indicted by the grand jury in a Maricopa County Superior Court case CR2013-456844.  Aggravated Criminal Damage and trafficking in Stolen Property.  Maybe now that he faces prison again he will decide to turn the evidence over at his friend.  The charges will likely be aggravated due to his other felonies.  Here is a mug shot of Ed Magedson’s special little friend and protege‘.   Adam Kunz Esq. described “Frenchy” as a bad witness, but it didn’t stop Maria Crimi Speth from talking a perjured statement from him to further what I considered an attempt to shake down my insurance company.

THE COURT FINDS the Defendant is unable to understand the nature of the proceedings and/or is unable to assist counsel in Defendant’s defense, and is therefore criminally incompetent
pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-4510.

Keep in mind Eric was a witness for Jaburg & Wilk and co-conspirator of Ed Magedsons.  Adam Kunz Describes him as a bad witness.  Ya think!?!?!?!? Of course he wasn’t a bad witness when they served him up as a witness, just after his deposition didn’t turn out the way they coached him and after Maria Crimi Speth tried to get a do over because, well he was a disaster.

Here the courts have deemed him incompetent to stand trial and he is ordered to get treatment till his is, if ever.  Maybe he will talk about the abuses visited upon him as  a youngster.  This ruling aside, he was a perfect witness for Jaburg & Wilk as was James Rogers.  Eric as of this writing is in prison…again.

John Unger

Was a neighbor of Ed Magedson’s Apache Junction home and employee of Xcentric Ventures, LLC.  Later I will show threatening text messages that came from a phone controlled by John.  People that are afraid want you to be a afraid.  I am not.  I will show you at one point Unger was a client of Maria Crimi Speth, legal counsel to Xcentirc Ventures, LLC and attorney for Jaburg & Wilk. At one point I was sympathetic to John but as I got into this more it was clear he was part of the defamation creation even though it was related that he was removing and editing posts as an employee of Ripoff Report.


This is a video that will describe the relationship Public record documents will be added later.  More about John can be found in the next chapter.


Danny Scalf 

is listed in public records as an employee of Xcentric Ventures, LLC.  As you will hear from the recordings he goes by various aliases when performing his duties for Ripoff Report.  Danny is retired ARMY intelligence officer who, as you can hear from the recordings as Frank Torelli claims to have been retired federal law enforcement officer and CIA field agent.  I will produce records to show his involvement in creating content in Ripoff Report and suggesting others do the same.  Court records show divorce issues from which documents appeared reflecting his employment with Ripoff Report and his authorship of the book Ripoff Revenge for which he gets a 40% cut.

John S. Goodson

of Goodson Manley Forakis and Deloughery relationship to his friend Peter Busnack who then becomes Registered Agent for Xcentirc Ventures, LLC.  John F Goodson’s relationship with Danny Scalf and Ed Magedson.  This relationship will be important in that the documents show Danny Scalf recorded much of his skullduggery and this tapes made it into his ex-wifes hands.  Because these tapes were harmful to Rip-Off Report, Ed Magedson and Danny Scalf, Scalfs attorney got them sealed in that action.  That takes money Scalf didn’t have so a mysterious benefactor provided a love offering that was funnelled through John Goodson to Scalfs lawyer.  It’s obvious the source of that money was Ed Magedson.  That’s important today because Darren Meade is under indictment and has legal counsel he can’t afford.  From these attachments you will see a district attorney has suggested that Meade’s attorney may have a master that is in conflict with his duties to represent Meade.  In the end, I suspect you will find that the attorney is being funded by Ed Magedson or his attorney through other circuitous means.

Steven M Papi

aka M Steven Papi is listed as Consumer Advocate/Investigative Reporter for  P.O. Box for BAdBusinessbureau was accessed by him and clearly he was contributing content to the website. Never disclosed in court.

Jack Delehanty

Former attorney for Ed Magedson then went on to become Chief Assistant District Attorney of Franklin County, NY (Tupper Lake).  This is the guy you want to speak to and a wealth of information will come out.  There is quite a bit written about him on Ripoff Report.  My New York private Investigator retrieved several documents from Jack including a list of debts considered un-collectible when Ed was “run out of town”.  Also retrieved was an email sent to a plaintiff that eventually obtained a judgment against Ripoff Report in St Kitts.  The email was a terrorist threat making demands that the plaintiff pay the defendant and Ripoff Report $10,000.00 or bad things would happen to their families.

 Amy Thompson Stevenson

Eds’s main “mommy” who had in the past submitted sworn declarations as to her non-involvement in taking an active role in making significant changes to posts.  Really?

Justin Crossman

Is Eds tech guy tech guy.  If you don’t want people to know what you do, you are likely doing the wrong thing.  Recent disclosures have shown he may have been involved in removing and/or editing content, in spite of a declaration he provided to the courts.  Disclosures also suggest he is editing IP addresses of posts at least in the case of Darren Meade.

Julie Rial

Legal assistant for Jaburg & Wilk but so much more to Ripoff Report  and is being paid by Ed to provide information.  She is also has membership in Arizona’s Innocence Project

Cleone Zunich “Bowen”

James Rogers and Eric Skelling handler and so much more to Ripoff Report.  Cleone and Timothy’s house burned down and the Mesa fire department was investigating, according this story,   What an odd coincidence.  She has a close relationship with Erik Skelling who was the only person present during the fire at Ed’s former home at 2033 W McDowell.  Erik and Danica Zunich have a bit in common.

Mary Hagen

One of the sales people for Verified Safe both for her own company and through another.  She was a witness at a hearing that was intended to stop a boycott set up by Michael Roberts.  Her particular role was as a wounded Verified Safe members who was offended at being the subject of the boycott.  What was disclosed at the hearing is that she was a friend of Adam Kunz Esq.  What wasn’t disclosed was that she was actively selling, marketing and consulting for Ed MAgedsons and receiving commissions for sales at the same time Adam Kunz testified that there was a moratorium on those sales.  Later she expressed righteous indignation at being the target of the boycott by way of casting aspersions on Robert’s character and even mine.  It seems odd that honesty was only measured by what was said and not what wasn’t said.

Siamack Yaghobi

Oh boy!  ”Sam Eubanks” has issues.   In spite of Adam Kunz swearing under oath there was a cessation of Verified Safe Program and that potential customers had been warned they could be the target of a protest group, there is no evidence to support those claims and in fact there is evidence to show sales went on as normal and that the original Ripoff Report posts were being removed for a sum of money.  As discussed previously Ed Magedson has spent a great deal of time and energy claiming reports are never removed.  Siamack has adjudicated mental defects and if Googled you will see some of them.  His gun ownership rights have been removed.  This is just the sort of guy Eds likes working for him.

In a 124  page search warrant it was shown that “Sia” Ed’s Alladin, was an active participant in some of Ed’s shady dealings even participating in extortion as described in the warrant.

In recent criminal court disclosures it appears that while acting as a sales agent for Rip-Off Reports Verified Safe program Siamack would call a lead list drawn from the postings on Rip-off Report focusing on professions such as doctors that may have the financial where for all to pay for the program.  As the exhibits suggest, if the subject refused to purchase the program, Siamack would create more content.  In the past James Rogers claimed the same thing specifically about Blue World Pools and me.

Stick Bogart

Always trying to emulate his friend Ed Magedson, Stick has and continues to create consumer sites.  In some cases he wants to show you how not to buy a car in part by posting derogatory information on auto dealers.  Long association with Ed Magedson and is one of the sales people for Verified Safe.  Claims he has never seen a Ripoff Report removed.  I suppose if it was in his colon he would have a better view.  During the day he is a mild mannered fuel truck driver for KAG West. Last I heard he was contemplating filing suit for alleged injuries suffered from fuel exposure.  He got popped for domestic violence 2014 and it appears he has had to move to a new house.  Anywho here is part of his real story:

[4:10:20 AM] Paladin: Over here you will see Stick Bogart writing about Ripoff Report doesn’t remove posts which we know isn’t true.

Here is Ed Magedson telling another how he will post the report so it has the most Google effect. And Stick is until Ed tells him to use another email address..
From: “Ripoff Report” <>
Date: Apr 2, 2013 1:32 AM
Subject: fix title – - – RE: loosing its ranking and Typo with crimshield repeated too many times in subject and would reflect the facts like here – Ripoff Report | CrimShield, Inc | Complaint Review: 1036063
Cc: “Stick” <>
I cannot read thru emails –
Just say, ED, here is how I would like the title to read.. and give me that exact verbage.
There is the top part in BLACK
And then there is the other part that is called the title in RED. Give me how you want them each to read.
From: “Stick Bogart” <>
Date: Apr 9, 2013 11:30 PM
Subject: Re: Hey
I think you should post more data on ripoff reports about Crim Shield.
Oddly the Complaint review 103063 was assigned to another complaint because the original was being doctored. Here you will find the final pieces of work:…/AAA-Landlord-Emails-from-Clie…


And here is Sticks text message from 602-865-9382 asking me to remove what I have written about him.
“what if I have regrets”?
“What if I want to make amends? What could I do”?

Ahh that question has been asked by victims of Ripoff Report so many times.

He also claims in this text message he hasn’t worked with Ed Magedson for many years, but as you see, not quite the truth. “Several years ago when he first came up with the corporate abbacy program I got involved in it I have not been involved in it in several years” A car salesman truth.
These days he spends his time trolling Ripoff Report complaints and reaching out to victims and is still involved in selling Eds programs. The below email was sent just a couple of months ago.
Stick Bogart <> wrote:
> >>
“my name is Stick Bogart I have help consumers that felt they had been taken advantage of by car dealers. Please touch base with me and I would be more than happy to introduce you to the founder of Rip Off Report I’m sure that he can help you with some of these issues you and I know that you can’t make all of your customers happy there’s just no way and certainly auto dealerships can’t do that either feel free to give me a call if you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to introduce you to the founder of Rip Off Report”.
> >>
> >> I’m sure that he can help you
> >>
> >> Best regards
> >> Stick Bogart
> >> 602-865-9382

Ripoff Report | AAA Landlord Complaint Review Mesa, Arizona: 1040102
AAA Landlord Complaint Review: AAA Landlord Emails from Clients with Social Security Card, Driver License, DOB’s Are Aliased To Workers Gmail – Hotmail -…

So you might recall in the above thread that Stick hasn’t been involved with Ed for several years since he started, “corporate abbacy (sp) program” , yet here he is trying to shill Ed’s program.  So you can keep up, Stick posts derogatory information so he can sell you a better way to buy a car.  Then he and his friends posts derogatory information on businesses so he can sell his friend’s Ed Magedson’s Verified Safe and Corporate Advocacy Program.

Clearly Stick doesn’t like bad press.  I am here to tell you, in my opinion, Stick Bogart is a snake.

Adam Kunz

This one is almost too funny to talk about, but I will.  Kunz at one point was an attorney for Jaburg & Wilk.  He is middle aged and has never raised above the level of associate for the firm which is not a sustaining career path.  Judging from the Arizona Corporation Commission website, Kunz was not bringing in new clients which is a source of revenue that leads to promotion to partner.  Much of his work was playing second chair to Maria Crimi Speth.  Eventually he was made of counsel for the firm and took on the role of Rip-Off Reports general counsel, then the COO.  The lines between corporate officer and attorney have been blurred a bit especially when he has to testify as one or the other or wants to assert his attorney client privledge.  Exhibits listed within this story will reflect his participation in creating posts on Rip-Off Report, facilitating cash payments to their employee Darren Meade and participating in what he himself describes as extortion.  At various times Kunz has offered me a job, then went right into claiming I tried to extort them.  This may be what I remember most of Adam Kunz and in my opinion sums him up,  “You are making it hard for us to pay your extortion without feeling like real idiots“. Adam Kunz  Exhibits show that Kunz was facilitating Meade by paying him in Green Dot cards and offering to deliver the above extortion payment in cash.  Right after these revelations, Adam Kunz is no longer on Jaburg & Wilks website and not part of the firm.

Darren M. Meade

Over the years, Ed Magedson has had an agent provacateur or two or three.  Based upon public records, Meade’s income is derived from being a reputation hit man for the purposes of witness tampering at the very least..  He is currently under indictment for some of those activities by way of trying to intimidate witnesses opposed to Rip-Off Report and Ed Magedson.  You will find email communications Meade has sent to various sources outlining his methods, including spending time on me at Magedson’s request.  Some of his work included creating videos and descriptions of mythical events, then going to FIVERR and having those videos uploaded to various online channels such as YouTube.  He also posted on other sites suggesting that I and my friend/attorney Chris have been sexual predators.  You will see in disclosures, Magedson created content as a draft in an email account.  Meade would log in and upload the content, sometimes in Rip-Off Reort, sometimes in Pissed Consumer or other sites. This little piece of information is interesting because Maria Crimi Speth called Chris one day and said they had a post in Rip-Off Report about him that they were not going to post, as a courtesy.  That same post was posted on Pissed Consumer and placed there by Darren Meade.

Whois has the domain as:


Registry Domain ID:
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: -001-11-30T00:00:00-06:00
Creation Date: 1998-12-09T00:00:00-06:00
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-12-08T05:00:00-06:00
Registrar: DNC Holdings, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 291
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: 
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8668569598
Domain Status: ok
Registrant Name: Ed Magedson
Registrant Organization: Xcentric Ventures, LLC
Registrant Street: P.O.Box 310
Registrant City: Tempe
Registrant State/Province: AZ
Registrant Postal Code: 85280
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +6023594357
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: 
Admin Name: Ed Magedson
Admin Organization: Xcentric Ventures, LLC
Admin Street: P.O.Box 310
Admin City: Tempe
Admin State/Province: AZ
Admin Postal Code: 85280
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +6023594357
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: 
Tech Name: Ed Magedson
Tech Organization: Xcentric Ventures, LLC
Tech Street: P.O.Box 310
Tech City: Tempe
Tech State/Province: AZ
Tech Postal Code: 85280
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +6023594357
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: 
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System


Ultradns client portal can be located here.  You will see that ULTRADNS is the server and they are owned by the publicly traded company Neustar.   The SEC has public documents that have been filed which will included the Board of Directors and the current legal counsel.



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Well Adam Kunz Esq.we agree on your statement that you never should have sued me.

I am appearing at hearings and or trials Xcentric is involved, in which appears to cause consternation to their legal counsel along with some items I have uncovered and perhaps my cooperation with parties adverse to Xcentric .  Over the past couple of months Adam and I have been playing a little game of entrapment.  I profiled these guys a long time ago and have learned that they don’t vary from the script.  When I was called last week and Adam told me I “won” I pretty much knew he was trying to set hooks into me.  Magedson’s mindset doesn’t allow him to accept that kind of defeat.  He would rather have his empire go down in metaphorical flames, which is frankly ok with me too.

Adam professed concern that I was going to post items of concern to him.  There’s no doubt that’s going to happen, but not what he thinks or claims.  I don’t think there’s justice in victimizing the victims by airing their laundry.  We’ll let Adam explain to the public what his concern is.  He of course accused me of blackmail in spite of me never coming to him.  He’s always coming to me trying to find ways to shut me up, even suggesting I go to work for Ripoff Report.  If I was really blackmailing them, I suppose blackmail is an admirable trait they find valuable to their team.

Part of his conversation I taped was to say very clearly he will not proceed if I get legal counsel, something I told him clearly I will absolutely do.  He said he was embarrassed.  Of what I wondered?  Yet he still wanted me to put vague demands in writing to him, which to my mind seemed an attempt to get me to commit the blackmail act he claimed in email.  I am even heard on tape telling him that’s extortion and I won’t do it.

In the end again on recording I tell him I can’t be bought or paid off and tell himagain not to communicate or approach me in any fashion which he of course ignores, several times, an issue I will take up with the bar association.  He really should listen because I will set him up, again.

The good news is Adam is general counsel to Xcentric Ventures.  In my opinion, I am not the smartest guy in the room, but smart enough to know Adam is even further away than I am.  He will always be a non-partner second or third chair and for good reason.  He doesn’t seem to understand that when he trying to set the trap, the trap is being set for him.  That’s all good news for those that go up against him.

So as I mentioned I attended part of a trial last week, Ripoff Report vs Complaintsboard albeit styled under the legal names.  Boring enough for me to leave but not before I saw the judge raise concern of Jaburg & Wilks disclosure practices.  If the camera was on me it would shown me nodding when the judge asked Laura Rogal if the concerning disclosure issues were normal practice for her firm.  Later on I think I heard that some questionable  impeachment documents were slipped in.

I don’t have a dog in this fight and don’t care what the outcome is.  It’s clear to me, it’s takes a judge to get to the facts and make a decision.  I hope everyone is forced to take responsibility for their actions.  From this trial I had an opportunity to meet the owner of the Complaints Board.  It was the first time I had ever spoken to the man and I genuinely liked him.  Even took him to dinner.  Nice guy and I now call him a friend.  Still, he has to be accountable if the judge rules against him.

What’s kind of funny is that Maria Crimi Speth referred to me as part of the Russian Mafia I suspect because of my relationship with Complaints Board, which didn’t exist.  I do admit to putting them in touch with Chris Ingle so they could properly defend the suit but that’s pretty much it.  There is no way if I can help it that I am going allow the Jaburg & Wilk machine roll over someone without representation.  I suppose there is the added benefit of Ed having to pay much more money as the cost to litigate goes up.  Simple math.  Do this enough and you’ll spend yourself into bankruptcy.

After some investigating I think I may have an opinion now.  It appearsmy opinion mind you, that loans are being made by businesses controlled by Gary Jaburg and/or associates that may or may not violate the licensing laws of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.  My opinion is that some of those loans may be to facilitate the payment of legal fees to the law firm.

As you look over the documents you need to know why they are important.  This piece of licensing law might tell you.  Might be time to visit the State Bar and The Department of Financial Institutions but I have a couple of other things I need to see first.  The Arizona Corporate Commission and Maricopa County Records office reflects interesting activity under other entities such as LNLM. LLC.

Today I had a discussion with the Department of Financial Institutions and it seems I will have to interview the parties involved in the transactions and obtain additional documents.  There are a couple of Jaburg & Wilk litigants that also have loans

 In a  case in Maricopa County Superior Court injunctive relief was sought on behalf of a Jaburg & Wilk client Xcentric Ventures dba Ripoff Report.  The case in essence was a First Amendment  issue in effect Xcentric wanted to silence a boycott group who had targeted Ripoff Report advertisers and customers for protest.  Jaburg & Wilk lost that action and the decision can be found here.  No doubt history will repeat itself by way of an appeal.  Perplexing in light of Ripoff Revenges tactics outlined in the book Ed Magedson published.

More about Jaburg & Wilk can be found here.

After poking around I see and Maria Crimi Speth’s association with Louis Lardas and John Fanning.  FTC is trying to get a bead on them.

So are other plaintiffs as you can see in this class action consumer rights violation law suit.

Adam Kunz, who has in my opinion a history of witness tampering has attempted to turn his attempted bribe of me into a claim of attempted extortion.  Law enforcement hates them and alerted me.  When it didn’t work and after much cajoling by Ed Magedson, Adam posted a hit piece on me.  I scratch my head at how long they have been in existence.  As a consulting expert witness that will testify to the grand jury, I assure you I will have a lot to say about Jaburg & Wilk, Maria Crimi Speth and Adam Kunz.