Going on a close to a decade ago, before I was a Phoenix Private Investigator, I was asked by a friend of mine to look at some legal issues he was having.  The subject Jeffrey A. McCoon had purchased thousands of credit card debts and filed liens with the county recorders office in Arizona and California.  The story I took to The Arizona Republic hit the front pages and you can read it here.  Here is a link to some of the California activity: Local Businessman Accused of Fraud

The Orange County District Attorneys office had several dozen charges against him as well and after 5 years dismissed all but one felony.  5 years for the judicial system to wind it’s way through for him to plead out to one out of hundreds of charges?!?!  Outrageous you Say?  He got probation for that charge if my memory serves me.  Sad.  But wait, there’s good news!  Jeff McCoon was on probation in Colorado for bilking businesses out of over $300,000.00.  By taking a felony plea his probation was revoked.  Where is Jeffrey A McCoon now?

Date of Birth: 04/19/1966
Ethnicity: WHITE
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 180
DOC Number: 162147
Est. Parole
Eligibility Date:
Next Parole
Hearing Date:
Jan 2018
This offender is scheduled on the Parole Board agenda for the month and year above. Please contact the facility case manager for the exact date.
Est. Mandatory
Release Date:
Est. Sentence
Discharge Date:
Current Facility


Sentence Date Sentence County Case No.
  07/11/2013  10Y-10Y    ARAPAHOE    96CR273

 May 17 2018

Jeff McCoon has been released on parole and it appears that he may be going by the name Jeffrey Allen to solicit and collect debt of behalf of his mothers Kathryn Lauer aka Kathy McCoon‘s agency Glendale Acceptance.  If Googled you will see complaints by consumers against the company, some businesses that are disgruntled clients of the collection agency.  You will find documents in Federal court whereby Glendale Acceptance was previously known as Crane Valley Acceptance.  In the exhibits you will see checks signed by her for the company.  The address for her is listed as 40798 Griffin Dr Oakhurst, CA is owned by, JAM 041966 family trust as of 02/23/2018.  JAM is of course Jeffrey Allan McCoon with his birth date.  Lots of questions, but I have the answers.  If you need assistance with these two, communicate with me.

It would appear some of the other consumers out there are starting to fight back by getting the information out as seen here.

July 19th 2018

I’m getting many calls regarding the activities of Jeff McCoon, Kathy Lauer and Glendale acceptance.  Here is what I think is going on and what you can do to understand and fix the problem.

Back in 2006 I caught McCoon filing hundreds of false liens in Arizona and California.  After research I discovered that the County Recorder was obliged by statute to record whatever was placed in front of her and was not obliged to verify the veracity of the document.  McCoon purchased zombie debt and asserted that because the credit card could have purchased a fixture in the home, he had a right to file a lien on the property.

Now it seems he and mom Kathy have set about to collect debt in the name for Glendale Acceptance.  They are then filing mechanics liens on the properties of the alleged debtors.  Here is what the law is and you are responsible for educating and helping yourself and hey, maybe you can help others.

California Mechanics Lien FAQs. … A claimant other than a direct contractor must record his mechanics lien after the claimant ceases to provide work, and before the earlier of either: 90 days after completion of the work of improvement; or, 30 days after the owner records a Notice  of Completion or Cessation.

Here is a link or two regarding the law:

In Arizona the only authority that can remove recordings is the County Attorney and The Attorney General, which they forced McCoon to do in Arizona.

Here is a link to start your process to get the lien addressed.

If you have a false lien on your property you need to file a criminal complaint, but be prepared to have the law available to you to show law enforcement because a street cop won’t get it.  I have found detectives don’t either, but do it anyway.  File an Attorney General complaint.

Recently I was told McCoon had two new vehicles in his driveway, both with temporary plates.  When pressed to pay for services rendered his comment was, “It has been submitted to the trust for payment”. He is the trustee of the trust and in my opinion the trust exist purely to hide illegal activities.

How does someone just paroled out of prison get money for new autos and a home?  In my opinion there may be some collection clients coming forward soon complaining of not being paid from the collection of account receivable.  I have no direct information to assert this…yet, so it’s my opinion.