Paladin Investigations is an Arizona Private Investigator with state of the art tools to facilitate a successful conclusion to your case.  Surveillance can play a crucial role in obtaining evidence in your insurance or infidelity case.  Not only do we have GPS trackers and up to data bases, we also have multiple surveillance vehicles.

Our climate controlled van is set up with power packs and video/still recording devices capable of multiple hour, day or night surveillance.

Paladin Investigations Surveillance Van and video equipment.

Arizona Private Investigator Surveillance Van.


My opinion is that as private investigators and attorneys, we really do not produce anything sustainable.  Not like teachers, craftsmen, artists.  I have participated in charities but have not been fulfilled by that endevour.  I had heard of Kiva in the past but didn’t really research it til I saw a documentary called Living on One Dollar a Day.  Link is here

Young men going to a poor region and living on One Dollar a day, the same amount as the residents.  Lots of good lesson about the good in our neighbors both far and wide and our own young men and women who will be taking the reins of our own manifest destiny.

I joined and started  my own team Bleeding Heart Investigators.  For every $250.00 invoice paid through Pay Pal I make a micro loan.

This is part of our portfolio now:

This is 45-year-old Iye from Moriba town Bo. She is married with two children, ages 12 years and 18 years. Her children are currently going to school. She started this business because she wanted to stop sitting at home as a housewife and create a source of income to take care of her needs.

Mabula, who is in his early 40s, is married with three children who are still going to school. He has been selling ground nuts and has been a mason for ten years now. He works from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm daily and is able to make a small monthly profit.

This will be Mabula’s 20th loan from Tujijenge Tanzania. He used the previous loans to increase his ground nut stock. He has also used them to buy items for his masonry job. He has paid back all his loans successfully. He used the profit to buy sand, paid school school fees, and covered household expenses. He will use this loan to buy and sell more ground nuts and to buy better equipment for his masonry job. His dream is to one day be able to build and finish his house.

Mabula will share this loan with his loan group “Tupendane B” of eleven members who will hold each other accountable for paying back the loan.

Living in a rural area located in Battambang province’s Ek Phnom district, Sarith, 45, has three children in total. One of them is still in school. Sarith and her husband are rice farmers who have been farming for 15 years to make a living.

Sarith has been with VisionFund for four cycles and completely paid back the past loans. She has successfully used the past loans to better support her family with enough food. Now she is leading her group to apply for a loan. She is going to use her portion to buy fertilizer and pesticides for her farmland. She hopes to grow more crops so as to make a living better.



Paladin Investigations is a full service Chandler Private Investigator and has all the state of the art tools to facilitate a successful outcome to your case.  Those tools included surveillance vehicles, video and audio recording devises covert or otherwise.  Social media search skills, access to up to date databases and resources around the world.

Much of our work includes fraud, asset location for creditors rights attorneys, infidelity, missing person location and litigation support.

Chandler is a city in Maricopa CountyArizonaUnited States, and is a prominent suburb of the Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). It is bordered to the north and west by Tempe, to the north by Mesa, to the west by Phoenix, to the south by the Gila River Indian Community, and to the east by Gilbert. As of July 2011, the population was 240,101 according to the United States Census Bureau,[3] however, according to the city’s official website, Chandler’s Planning Division estimated the population as of September 2012 being 239,610. It also has satellite locations for many technology companies, including Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Wikipedia


Tempe (pron.: /tɛmˈpiː/, US dict: tem-ˈpē;[2] Oidbaḍ in Pima), also known as Hayden’s Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona, is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, with the Census Bureau reporting a 2010 population of 161,719.[1] The city is named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece. Tempe is located in the East Valley section of metropolitan Phoenix; it is bordered by Phoenix and Guadalupe on the west, Scottsdale on the north, Chandler on the south, and Mesa on the east. Tempe is the location of US Airways Group’s corporate headquarters, and the home of Arizona State University.

Paladin Investigations is a full service Tempe  private investigator located in Tempe Arizona.  If you need a Tempe Private Investigator call now for a free consultation.




Paladin Investigations operates in all of Arizona, from Flagstaff to Yuma and points in between.  Paladin Investigations is a Scottsdale Private Investigator and works a great deal in Scottsdale and Mesa.  Phoenix Arizona is a large metropolitan area and stretches out to Peoria and Glendale.  Scottsdale Private Investigation cases have taken Paladin investigations from one end of Maricopa County to the other.  Looking for a Maricopa County InvestigatorPaladin Investigations covers it all.

Last week we were in Maricopa, Arizona on a domestic case.  Next week it could be anywhere in Arizona or Mexico.

Paladin Investigations



I received a call from the Orange County District Attorney Investigator that worked this case and was advised there has been a disposition.   Previously I had posted about the subject here and as a result he went on a writing campaign by posting false complaints on self proclaimed consumer sites like Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Iripoff and others.  My peers in the Private Investigator industry that chose to stand up to this thug by filing complaints and/or participating with law enforcement to put a stop to him received equal treatment.  How do I know?  Because his computers were seized and the activity was all there.  Here is a link to the story

Fortunately I was able to convince all but The Ripoff Report to remove the false postings about me and others who went up against him.  Thanks to Complaints Board, Iripoff, Pissed Consumer and others for doing the right thing.  I don’t choose to weigh in on the business model of these “consumer” sites but will upon occasion ask them to intervene when it has been shown by law enforcement or the courts that there was a clear act of malice and falsehood in the posting.  It is not for me to judge what is true or not.

My past experience with Orange County District Attorneys office has been pleasing by way of observing what I see as an aggressive prosecution of criminals, something sadly lacking on both a local and Federal level.  Kudos and I am always happy to work with them.  There is an embezzlement case there now.

Here is the latest story on Kevin Sianez.  Just in case Kevin chooses to go on another defamation spree I will remind him that sword cuts both ways and my company tag line is, “There Are No Secrets”.  No doubt those that have been following this know everything about Kevin and his circle of family and friends.  When you break the rules, there are no rules.