Paladin Investigations is now in Mexico recovering missing collateral.  Yachts, motor homes, planes.

Paladin and Consul General De Mexico Victor Manuel Trevino Escudero and his beautiful wife

Paladin Investigations also operates in Mexico!  Cases have taken us to Cabo San Lucas and Rocky Point and all of Baja California Mexico.  Other countries are not like the Untied States.  If you find yourself in trouble you will need someone that speaks all the languages and understands the nuances of the culture.  Mores are not the same as the United States.  It takes an experienced field agent to get in and solve the problem.

Paladin does not subcontract out services, rather we are there with local contacts getting to the heart of the matter.  We know who to trust and who not to not to trust.

Do you need executive or celebrity protection?  Paladin Investigations has everything in place to make your visit or stay safe and secure.

Are you looking for collateral such as high end yachts or motor homes? Paladin Investigations has experience in locating and recovering financed items. We cover all of Baja California and can go into the rest of Mexico for higher risk assignments. We do not subcontract work. Assignments are completed by Paladin Investigations.