John Brewington may very well be the first Creditors Rights Investigator in the United States and has many years experience in the collection industry. Whether you are looking for a local professional to enforce your presence by making contact with your past due customer or for assistance to collect that much need accounts receivable revenue, John Brewington managing member of Paladin Investigations can provide it.

John Brewington is a Private Investigator licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety and is partnered with Creditors Rights Attorneys across the nation. “The economy and bad choices have made it necessary for creditors and attorneys to come to us to not only find skipped debtors but also to locate where bank accounts and other assets are”, explained Mr. Brewington.

Paladin Investigations has been hired by banks to recover collateral from motor homes to motorcycles as well as conducting mortgage fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies.

Our tag line is “There Are No Secrets” said John and there is a reason for that. “Even other private investigators come to us for information that they can’t get”. Having resources others don’t have helps Paladin Investigations to stay competitive and provide a quality service to their clients.

January 20th 2014 Paladin Investigations recovers two hard to repo autos on behalf of one of our favorite clients, a title loan company.