Paladin Investigations has been hired to conduct mortgage fraud investigations! Because of our experience in rooting out fraud and graft Paladin Investigations is now representing insurance companies in the quest to legitimize claims filed from foreclosures. Arizona is quickly becoming a hotbed for this activity and the general public is being penalized as a result.

John Brewington has completed several professional development courses including “Providing Dynamic & Convincing Testimony”.  I look forward to using it real soon.


Litigation Support

Taking a break from my trying day.


Oh Boy

John Brewington the qualified party and managing member of Paladin Investigations has been working in the legal field for years and is highly praised by legal counsel that hire his firm.

“There are no secrets is our tag line, said Mr. Brewington. Technology and experience combined help us achieve the goals of our clients. We are also fortunate through professional associations to have the resources of former federal prosecutors and law enforcement that in turn come to us for advice”.

Paladin Investigations also provides other community services with pro bono representation of the indigent. Mr. Brewington is quick to point out “Giving back to the community is what got us started and we look forward to providing assistance to those who need a Paladin”.

A social weekend I am just recovering from.  Met up with some pals of the motorcycle variety Friday night and it was birthday celebrations all around. Saturday was more drinks with my attorney and friend. I am getting too old for this but I enjoy the idea that I have genuine friends…lots of them.
Car show at a local church.  I like my vette but it really didn’t match up to some of the wheels represented.  Here’s photo of some of my favorites.

Car show