Darren Meade wants to sell you on the idea he is an investigator.  His last client, Tracy Richter is still doing life for murder. Well wait, she wasn’t a client, she was an opportunity.  Darren M Meade has no investigative experience and was hired specifically to harm the reputations of those that opposed the business model of Ripoff Report, Darren Meades employer.  Tracy Richter was nothing more than an opportunity to do harm.  You might start to understand his game when you read this.


The Great Meade

This is Darren Meade

Here is one of his latest resume’.  You will find nothing about professional experience as an investigative reporter.  The address is complete fiction.

Darren Meade wants to sell you he is a reporter though he has had no training and is not credentialed by any professional organization.  He is a paid writer of fake news for Ripoff Report and for himself.  The veracity of what he writes is meaningless so long as it’s harmful.  Here is a link to items that describe him.

With some searching you will find he has been hired to harass litigants into settling or walking away from lawsuits.  You will find reports of his being arrested for rape and auto theft.  Several law enforcement agencies have open reports on him running from Medical fraud to rape and auto theft.  When confronted by law enforcement he is quick to blame those who in the past have tried to bring him to justice.

Are you thinking of hiring Darren Meade based upon his promises?  Here’s what you need to know.  Several of his past employers became objects of his vitriol by way of negative posts on social media.  The theme is always the same, he is owed wages and he takes to the internet to extort his victims into compliance, however the items posted on the internet are under alias and bare no semblance to his own experience or lack thereof.  It’s just extortion.

Currently he is on the run from process servers as a result of being named as a defendant in a $60,000,000.00 tort.

He may try to sell you he lives at a high end address and even puts it on applications.  It’s a lie.  Meals he claims to be eating, it’s a lie.  Places he is claiming to visit, it’s a lie.  That’s what Conmen do.  They create fiction to lure you in.  Even his former boss at Ripoff Report calls him a conman albeit a bad one.

If you have found this post, good for you.  You’re spending important time investigating before you get involved.


$60,000,000.00 judgment entered against Darent Meade.  While he liked to pontificate on Twitter regarding his position as a reputation hitman, it seems he didn’t feel that position was strong enough to defend it in court.  See judgment.


Thinking about hiring Siamack (Sia) Yaghobi?  Here’s some things you need to know.  He is part of The reputation Assassin League, a paid employee of Ripoff Report.  Information gathered from search warrants reflect Siamack was ordered by Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report to post defamation on pre-existing posts then try and sell a reputation remediation , or “Corporate Advocacy Program”.

“This e-mail exchange between the two demonstrates that RipOff Report employee Siamack Yaghobi was responsible for posting the June 8, 2013, rebuttal comment to complaint No. 970019, and probably other like-comments on other RipOff Report complaints.”

“On September 11, 2012, 3:47 a.m., Darren Meade sent the link to this RipOff Report complaint to RipOff Report employee Siamack Yaghobi . Ex. 36 In an earlier e-mail (September6, 2012) Siamack Yaghobi told Meade he would publish anonymous rebuttal comments to complaint No. 938843 once it appeared online. Ex.37 The same day, Meade instructed Tracey Richter ’s family and friends to “promote [RipOff Report complaint No. 938843] and ask people to offer their honest opinion [and] share their own stories of [the State’s witnesses]. Ex.38″


“Siamack Yaghobi, a former senior marketing major, is barred from entering campus, according to an email sent to Chapman students, staff and faculty Thursday.

Yaghobi, who was served with a restraining order, may not contact certain Chapman community members or come on campus, according to the email sent by Public Safety.”


Ed's Aladin

Siamack Yaghobi is part of the extortion team.

Served with restraining order

Served with restraining order



Darren Meade aka Darren M Meade is a paid reputation assassin who both works freelance and is employed by Ripoff Report. He trolls Orange County Craigslist looking for work as a marketer and after he is hired creates chaos and claims he is owed back wages then goes on a defamation campaign if he is not paid. Ripoff Report claims this is extortion when he did it to them.


Darren M Meade and Ripoff Report is being sued for $60,000,000.00 and we’d like to know where he is so he can be served. He and the US veteran he defamed for profit deserve their day in court.

These documents are part of his running narrative with Ed Magedson, owner of Ripoff Report.

This video was created by him and uploaded to the internet.  It will help explain what he does, why and for whom.

If you know where he is or are another victim, please let us know.


Some items taken from public record will help you understand who this scum is and why it’s important to get him off the street.

“Meade wrote, “It is a forum for women to alert other women about men read the screen shot and towards the end it mentions a ‘detective’ named John Brewington who date raped a women in Arizona with a guy named Chris Engle, do you know who that is?” Ex. 100 There was no Google alert in Darren Meade’s e-mail inboxes, and all Google alerts Meade sent to Magedson previously were from the Google e-mail alert, which was not the case here”

“It is no coincidence that such an outrageous story about Michael Roberts’s appeared about Michael Roberts’ attorney representing him against RipOff Report and John Brewington, a private investigator who specializes in factual investigations concerning the activities of the RipOff Report. Meade would later admit that Magedson directed him to find Attorney Chris Ingle’s “skeletons,” and when he could not find any, Magedson directed him to manufacture this and other stories about him. Ex. 101″.

 On May 30, 2014,

Darren Meade reminded Ed Magedson that he (Meade) possessed certain items that showed Magedson directed him to write complaints and rebuttal comments on RipOff Report that targeted John Brewington, Chris Ingle (Michael Roberts’s attorney), Adam Tanner, and the State’s witnesses. Ex.126
From Adam Kunz COO Ripoff Report “There is only one con-man in this negotiation and he doesn’t work for [RipOffReport]. A good con-man needs to remain credible to his intended mark, Darren, and you are failing miserably at that. You are making it hard for us to pay your extortion without feeling l ike real idiots. This is a settlement negotiation, and

you are an adult con-man. Show some self respect. Xcentric made an offer, you rejected it. You have some explaining to do, Darren. You better quit playing games and start telling the truth. At [RipOff Report], there is a room full of smart people including Ed who think that is a waste of time, who believe you are lying, and that you are a liar by character. We will treat you as a liar and extortionist for the rest of your expectedly long and corrupt life. You absolutely suck at negotiations, and your vocabulary is pathetic. If you are going to con my client, please try to do it in a way that does not make me look like a fool for letting it happen. You were never offered a new job, and if you actually turned down a real job in order to stay on Ed’s charity, it only shows that you are a lazy con man”.


“And more Adam Kunz wisdoms sent to him. To cure some purported deficiency in the transaction, RipOff Report COO Adam Kunz offered to fly from Phoenix, Arizona, to Orange County, California, to deliver Meade cash, and copy Darren Meade’s computers that contained Darren Meade’s “research” on State v. Richter. Meade told Kunz that he would destroy the files on his laptop after this exchange took place. Ex149″


Bankruptcy trustee legal counsel have used our investigation findings to pursue bankruptcy fraud.

Paladin Investigations has investigated hundreds of mortgage fraud claims for a national private mortgage insurance carrier.

Our associates include retired IRS agents, certified EnCase computer forensic technicians, lawyers and forensic accountants.

Paladin Investigations is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

If you suspect fraud or embezzlement you need someone with experience to implement a crisis management plan for a chain of evidence.  Some businesses such as medical clinics have special circumstances because of Medicaid or AHCCCS and experience in dealing with these matters in paramount.

If you are the victim of embezzlement, call us now.













In my opinion part of being a good investigator is the ability track people down.  Technology changes all the time and you have to stay on top of it.  Many of the cases I work involve the use of burner phones.  The link will describe what they are used for many times and this article will discuss there is a false illusion of anonymity.

I am working a case right now where a Metro PCS phone is being used in what I believe is a shake down.  I will say that I have the cell phone records in terms of who this person called and who called them, dates, time and length of calls.   So as not to ruin surprises that will come later I will say I did not  pull these records but it was done so legally.  That implies a search warrant or subpoena.

In the old days tracking a cell phones activity depended on the closest cell tower that the phone connected to but it’s a bit different today.  Cell towers are still used but GPS determines which tower to route to.  What that means is your exact location is picked up and the cell tower is chosen.  Those records are stored and/or can be accessed in real time.

So for example a bail jumper skips out and is on the lam, his location can be pinged via the phone.  Here is an explanation.

Any wireless device that communicates Via the Cellular Phone systems which will include Cellular Phones; Laptop Computers, iPads, Vehicle emergency call devices such as On-Star. These devices are low powered with a limited range. They send and receive data and calls that are relayed through the nearest Cell Towers. Cellular devices have to identify their location to the carriers that service their plans so the carrier knows which “Tower” to send and receive your calls through. As you move about, the provider’s systems keep track of your location in order to direct the call traffic to the Tower closest to your location. The Tower assigned to your traffic will change as you move out of range of the initial Tower to a closer one in your path of travel.

CELL TOWER: Cellular Towers are antenna arrays that are mounted on the roofs of buildings or on towers. These “Towers” arranged in triangular configurations all across the country. Each provider uses their own antennas but may share the same Tower to mount them on.

CDMA/ANALOG: This is the earlier transmission protocol and it included a means of locating the Cell unit’s position by receiving a signal from the three nearest Cell Towers which it then calculated which was the closest of the three Towers to send and receive your communications through. The closest Tower usually being the one that has the strongest signal (Those are the “Bars” you see on the phone’s screen, we all love to see 5 bars).

GPS: Global Positioning Satellite are the newest method of locating the Cellular device’s position which is then transmitted (continually) to the provider so the provider will then select the nearest Tower to send and receive your calls through. GPS enabled units DO NOT communicate through Satellites. They only receive transmissions from Satellites which is then used to compute their location and then send that location to the Provider who as is stated, then selects the Cell Tower closest to that position to sent transmissions through.

PING: A Request Signal is sent to the phone number of the Cellular Unit someone is trying to locate. The Unit returns the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates of its present location as determined by the data from GPS Satellites or it can return the Coordinates of the nearest Cell Tower. Coordinates derived from a three satellite signal computation are very accurate, usually within 15 feet. Coordinates that are those of the nearest Cell Tower. CDMA/ANALOG systems always return Coordinates to the nearest Cell Tower while a GPS system can return either the actual position of the subject or the location of the nearest Cell Tower. The latter happens on GPS Systems when the Cell Unit only received signals from two satellites rather than three. “r” FACTOR: When you receive PING results there will be string of numbers that are the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of the location. At the end of most of these strings is the letter “r” and a number right after that. The “r” stands for Radius and is the radius in feet (the number after the “r”) that the actual cellular unit Pinged is from the those coordinates.

The short explanation of that your exact location will be picked up within 15 feet or so.  So say for example you are using the number 949-600-xxxx for a shake down or to call hookers,your bank, the computer repairman etc, the exact location of the calls will be stored and/or accessed in real time.  So in this case we might know the calls were coming from a specific address in Laguna Beach. CA.

From that address I am able to determine who is making the calls.  If you think you can avoid detection by buying phone cards instead of using a credit card, think again.

Help us find peace too.

Help us find peace too.

Joseph A Reid was taken away from his family and the world too early by an assailant.  We are looking for any information from the public to help us bring justice to the family.  If you have information that will help bring closure to this unsolved homicide please make contact through this site or the email address within.  Other than being loved by many and missed desperately every day, here are some things to know about this man:

Born Sept 7th 1929-murdered Sept 30 1979.
On Saturday evening of September 29th 1979 Joseph A. Reid was lured from his home at approximately 10:30pm where he drove in his personal car to meet with person or persons that he was familiar with. On the corner of Tillotson ave & Baychester  ave within at the time a Power Test gas station. Joseph A. Reid was observed by an eyewitness at approximately 11:30 pm sitting in his car a Red/White 1975 Volkswagen Bus speaking with an individual that was described as a well dressed man wearing a Suit & Sunglasses seated in the front seat next to him. At approximately 3am Sunday morning Joseph A. Reid was found by the NYPD of the 47th PCT seated still at the wheel of his vehicle with a single fatal gun shot wound to the back of the head just below his left ear. Joseph A. Reid was pronounced dead at the scene
Please email with any information:
Happier days

Happier days

Graduated from Rhodes Preparatory School 1945
Honorable Discharge United States Army. Rank Achieved Second Lieutenant, Awarded Army of Occupation Medal & Victory Medal, Separation date August 23rd 1949
Graduated Bachelors Degree from Fordham University Bronx NY 1954
Graduated Masters Degree from Fordham University Bronx New York June 1966

An accomplished man

An accomplished man

Employed by the New York City Department of Social Services from 1959 until Death Sept 1979
Member of: Catholic Big Brothers
                   Knights of Columbus
                   Our Lady of Grace
Survived by Wife and Five children
Background on Joseph A. Reid
Born September 7th 1929 – Mother from Barbados, West Indies and Father from Wales, United Kingdom
Survived by Wife and Five (5) children
Bio / Resume / CV / Accomplishments / Community Service
  • Employed by the New York City Department of Social Services from 1959 until Death Sept 1979
  • Director of all Group Homes in the Bronx, NY for New York City Department of Social Services.
  • Psycho Analyst New York State Certification
  • Achieved ”Battle Field Commission” during the Korean War in the Calvary as a Second (2nd) Lieutenant in the United States (U.S.) Army.
  • Awarded Army of Occupation Medal & Victory Medal
  • Honorably Discharged August 23, 1949
Graduated from Rhodes Preparatory School 1945
Advanced Education at Fordham University – Rosehill Campus, Bronx NY
  • 1954 – Bachelors Degree in Political Science
  • 1966 – Masters Degree in Social Work CSW

Adored father

Adored father


  • Catholic Big Brothers of America
  • Catholic Charities
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Parishioner of Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church Bronx, NY
The murder scene in the Bronx, New York
Anyone with info please contact

Murder scene.

Murder scene

Please contact with any information.


Going on a close to a decade ago, before I was a Phoenix Private Investigator, I was asked by a friend of mine to look at some legal issues he was having.  The subject Jeffrey A. McCoon had purchased thousands of credit card debts and filed liens with the county recorders office in Arizona and California.  The story I took to The Arizona Republic hit the front pages and you can read it here.  Here is a link to some of the California activity: Local Businessman Accused of Fraud

The Orange County District Attorneys office had several dozen charges against him as well and after 5 years dismissed all but one felony.  5 years for the judicial system to wind it’s way through for him to plead out to one out of hundreds of charges?!?!  Outrageous you Say?  He got probation for that charge if my memory serves me.  Sad.  But wait, there’s good news!  Jeff McCoon was on probation in Colorado for bilking businesses out of over $300,000.00.  By taking a felony plea his probation was revoked.  Where is Jeffrey A McCoon now?

Date of Birth: 04/19/1966
Ethnicity: WHITE
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 180
DOC Number: 162147
Est. Parole
Eligibility Date:
Next Parole
Hearing Date:
Jan 2018
This offender is scheduled on the Parole Board agenda for the month and year above. Please contact the facility case manager for the exact date.
Est. Mandatory
Release Date:
Est. Sentence
Discharge Date:
Current Facility


Sentence Date Sentence County Case No.
  07/11/2013  10Y-10Y    ARAPAHOE    96CR273

Jeffrey A McCoon



Paladin Investigations is an Arizona Private Investigator with state of the art tools to facilitate a successful conclusion to your case.  Surveillance can play a crucial role in obtaining evidence in your insurance or infidelity case.  Not only do we have GPS trackers and up to data bases, we also have multiple surveillance vehicles.

Our climate controlled van is set up with power packs and video/still recording devices capable of multiple hour, day or night surveillance.

Paladin Investigations Surveillance Van and video equipment.

Arizona Private Investigator Surveillance Van.


My opinion is that as private investigators and attorneys, we really do not produce anything sustainable.  Not like teachers, craftsmen, artists.  I have participated in charities but have not been fulfilled by that endevour.  I had heard of Kiva in the past but didn’t really research it til I saw a documentary called Living on One Dollar a Day.  Link is here

Young men going to a poor region and living on One Dollar a day, the same amount as the residents.  Lots of good lesson about the good in our neighbors both far and wide and our own young men and women who will be taking the reins of our own manifest destiny.

I joined and started  my own team Bleeding Heart Investigators.  For every $250.00 invoice paid through Pay Pal I make a micro loan.

This is part of our portfolio now:

This is 45-year-old Iye from Moriba town Bo. She is married with two children, ages 12 years and 18 years. Her children are currently going to school. She started this business because she wanted to stop sitting at home as a housewife and create a source of income to take care of her needs.

Mabula, who is in his early 40s, is married with three children who are still going to school. He has been selling ground nuts and has been a mason for ten years now. He works from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm daily and is able to make a small monthly profit.

This will be Mabula’s 20th loan from Tujijenge Tanzania. He used the previous loans to increase his ground nut stock. He has also used them to buy items for his masonry job. He has paid back all his loans successfully. He used the profit to buy sand, paid school school fees, and covered household expenses. He will use this loan to buy and sell more ground nuts and to buy better equipment for his masonry job. His dream is to one day be able to build and finish his house.

Mabula will share this loan with his loan group “Tupendane B” of eleven members who will hold each other accountable for paying back the loan.

Living in a rural area located in Battambang province’s Ek Phnom district, Sarith, 45, has three children in total. One of them is still in school. Sarith and her husband are rice farmers who have been farming for 15 years to make a living.

Sarith has been with VisionFund for four cycles and completely paid back the past loans. She has successfully used the past loans to better support her family with enough food. Now she is leading her group to apply for a loan. She is going to use her portion to buy fertilizer and pesticides for her farmland. She hopes to grow more crops so as to make a living better.



Paladin Investigations is a full service Chandler Private Investigator and has all the state of the art tools to facilitate a successful outcome to your case.  Those tools included surveillance vehicles, video and audio recording devises covert or otherwise.  Social media search skills, access to up to date databases and resources around the world.

Much of our work includes fraud, asset location for creditors rights attorneys, infidelity, missing person location and litigation support.

Chandler is a city in Maricopa CountyArizonaUnited States, and is a prominent suburb of the Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). It is bordered to the north and west by Tempe, to the north by Mesa, to the west by Phoenix, to the south by the Gila River Indian Community, and to the east by Gilbert. As of July 2011, the population was 240,101 according to the United States Census Bureau,[3] however, according to the city’s official website, Chandler’s Planning Division estimated the population as of September 2012 being 239,610. It also has satellite locations for many technology companies, including Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Wikipedia